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09:32:50 AM May 23rd 2014
Why does the Film link redirect to the Manga and the Manga have a section for the film's tropes? Shouldn't the film be in the Film section and the Manga be in the Manga section?
02:38:52 PM Jul 16th 2014
A long time ago, this section WAS in film section, but somebody moved everything to the manga section and set up the redirect. I never thought the separate sections were big enough to consult the mods and ask for a split.
12:03:43 AM Jul 17th 2014
This page was once in the Film/ section, actually - see here and here. They were never separate pages.
11:10:53 PM Apr 27th 2014
Is it just me, or is the manga epilogue the dumbest thing ever? Why on earth would the main characters reform the Great Tokyo Empire, and not well, get the heck out of there? For most of them, their main motivation for staying was to obtain revenge for their friends. Friends killed, often enough, by Tetsuo and the Great Tokyo Empire! What does the GTE even stand for, except for a gang of drugged out rapists hoarding guns and foreign aid? And how are they going to feed themselves once the relief supplies run out? Did Tetsuo shoot them all with an ultranationalism beam or something?
04:24:51 PM Apr 28th 2014
Yeah, I always thought that ending was kinda wonky. In Kaneda's case, I could chalk up his weird behavior due to all the Mind Screw he just went through. Maybe all the psychic exposure caused everybody to be Driven to Madness?
12:27:48 AM Jun 20th 2013
When was Akira ever dissected and put into vials, as this page implies? He was stored in a chamber that kept his body at absolute 0, through the aid of three massive dewar flasks, which could be where the confusion stems from.
01:28:38 AM Jun 20th 2013
In the movie. Tetsuo opens the dewar (there's one bid round one that we see) and his body parts are in vials. Then the Colonel says a line about how his body was subjected to a ton of experiments and stored away.
12:22:28 PM May 2nd 2012
I don't know...when I first saw this movie, I couldn't help but feel sympathetic toward Tetsuo...after all, I could relate to his being The Resenter at having to be saved all the time and having others defend him instead of being able to defend himself. Am I the only one who's ever felt that way?
04:00:17 PM Sep 18th 2012
I kinda felt sorry for him too...the movie version, at least. It looked like most of his rampage was done in self-defense (well, except killing Yamagata of course) - after all, the government was coming at him with lasers and tanks and killsats and stuff.
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