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09:39:01 AM Jan 13th 2014
Hey, I don't believe Modern Warfare is the "first" FPS that had a leveling-up system for Multiplayer. Perfect Dark had that seven years before. Think that should be changed? Because I do. Or at least added as a side note.
06:54:16 AM Nov 9th 2011
Is it right to say that Lord of the Rings is the codifier for what we consider to be elves in modern times? I mean Tolkien didn't invent the word elf, but he changed them from fairy-like or gnome-like creatures (as in house-elves from Harry Potter) or at least short people (Santa's elves) to the long-lived majestic people they are now in most fantasy stories. Someone feel free to add this if you know more.
01:16:14 PM Nov 1st 2012
Yes, and not only is The Lord of the Rings the codifier for elves, but also for dwarves and hobbits.
01:37:18 PM Apr 15th 2010
Um, the matrix was the first source of the actual Bullet Time technique, using strings of cameras, greenscreens and computers to tween and render complete frames. This was an extrapolation of similar slow-mo effects in other kung fu classics (including Enter The Dragon and parodied during the Pink Panther series). A proto-bullet-time sequence can be seen in the prior Wachowski (cult) classic, Bound.

Max Payne isn't even the first time Bullet-Time appeared in video games, making a notable appearance in the 1999 millennial shooter, Requiem: Avenging Angel.
01:37:49 PM Apr 15th 2010
I'll fix the entry soon, if no one else does.
10:53:46 PM Jul 21st 2010
In reference to "Nextstep" created the whole Dock thing, wasn't NeXT founded by Steve Jobs, who, when he was re invited to Apple, used Ne XTSTEP's design elements in Mac OSX? (He also used the whole "leaving random letters undercase" that Apple is so famous for, but that's a whole different story).
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