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At some point this will be a more expanded profile of my silly self, but for now, it's a place where I catalogue my TV Tropes contributions.

I'm currently designing a cooperative card game Trek! note  for which I have just added a page temporarily here rather than here note  in Troper Works. It will, like this page, start as a reference index for tropes I've used, or want to use in the game, to aid in further development.

Contributions By Related Interest

In 1984 Orwell's Newspeak lexicon was continuously reduced to help control thought of the masses. TV Tropes does for us the opposite, giving us a place to identify and name phenomena that we perceive, or even merely imagine, thus empowering us to think more freely. That, I believe, is awesomeness in perpetuity.

Note: This is not a comprehensive list. I've long since forgotten much of my more haphazard contributions. Part of my impetus to create an organized list has been the... decay of some of these segmentsnote  , hence it's a means by which I can continue to track them.

    Angels & Demons ( 2009 film) 
Though expressed by someone else, I too was bothered by the less-than-severe effects of the aerial detonation of the antimatter, and hence needed to work out (compute) and express what should have happened.

Relevant topics

    Reviving the Classics 
One of my backwater projects on TV Tropes is returning classical material to the collective conscience, ergo assuring they appear in any trope used in a given work, especially when tropes loaded with recent examples is Older Than They Think.

    From Paris With Love 

  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!standard controls never work for me, as a lefty, hence I tend to remap the controls for every game I play, which means this is not usually a problem.
  • Harder Than Hard — After Doom released patches with its Nightmare! setting, it became a convention to include harder than hardest difficulty settings into games that were not fully playtested and not assured to be winnable. Indeed the Nightmare! setting on Doom was meant to be impossible, or nearly so, yet plenty of enthusiasts have beaten it.
  • Unwinnable — Might include a middle category between by design and by mistake for incidents like Doom's Nightmare! difficulty, above, where the programmers were aiming for impossible (or near impossible) but have not playtested the game to be sure, nor is there a clear element that outright blocks success.
  • Rage Quit
  • Reviews Are the Gospel — Not for whatever reason, but the specific one of bulk entertainment rates: lots of hours are pre-purchased, making a high starting price for a product sight unseen, and a no-return policy. It's really a no-brainer why reviews are so important.

First and Third-Person Games

Mostly shooters, but I'm also a fan of less-shooty games such as the sneaker, Thief: The Dark Project

Flight and Starfighter Sims

Real Time Strategy

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    History Channel Education 
I just have a thing for gun lore, spy lore, forbidden lore, war theory and things that go Ka-boom Chak-THOOM!. And I study like mad. I can't help it.

The Art of the Possible

Full Frontal Nerdity

My Dad really is a Rocket Scientist for NASA. I really did hang out with the guys at CalTech. No, I didn't make the grade to get in, myself.

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    Literary Pedantry 

    Medieval Fantasy 

King Arthur

  • Holy Hand Grenade, TropeCo catalogue entry
  • Excalibur in the Stone, previously Excaliburn — Confusion between Arthur's two swords (The one in the stone, and the reforged weapon presented by Nimue, the Lady of the Lake.) Audience-unfriendly similarities in names seems to be a common problem in mythology (e.g. Sauron and Sarumon). I grew up thinking the Sword in the Stone was named Galentine, since that's what Steve Jackson Games called it. Turns out they just wanted a less confusing name. In the meantime, I'm fond of the Narsil-Andϊril solution offered in the 1981 movie Excalibur.

The Lord of the Rings

This one (lifelong) work of J. R. R. Tolkien is the basis for most modern-to-new-millenium fantasy fiction, even more so than King Arthur (above) or Robin Hood (below).

Robin Hood

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    Rendition ( 2007 film) 

Relevant topics

    Sex Positivism 
The result of getting socialized in a pansexual community is that I can discuss these things frankly without the usual awkwardness anticipated in US society.note 

As a warning and disclaimer, this section discusses exactly what one would expect for a section titled Sex Positivismnote . If you don't want to deal with topics of human sexuality, or risk being two-to-three links away from NSFW imagery, you might want to close this section. Only you can be responsible for your own awareness of these issues, or lack thereof.
  • Biggus Dickusnote  — Most of my additions here are the specifics of Real Life proportions and abilities to accommodate. I also contributed from my strangely fruitful lore of the inner workings of the porn industry. I'm also tempted to add elements of a recent rant,which is... 
  • Brother–Sister Incest — Westermarck Imprinting (see below) is why this is so squicky for some, though (TMI)... . It's also why this is so rare, and probably would not need policing were marriage laws relaxed to be more inclusive.
  • Buxom Is Better — Even when it's not (e.g. during the Victorian era.) Generally, it's guys in the US and Japannote  that obsess over the boobage. I hypothesize it's because we wean our babies too early and otherwise freak out about being mammals.
  • Compensating for Something — My additions to this actually belong in a section above; I was adding info about railguns and supersized artillery.
  • Ethical Slutnote 
  • Free-Love Futurenote  Needs some certain revision. The alleged fridge-logic issues are only so from the perspective of the presently uptight US culture. I need to go in and revise this entry to a more anthropological tone.
  • Gag Penis — Whatever I contributed to this trope has since been edited out. I could contribute to the legend of Priapus who was cursed by Hera with an oversized member. Priapus was a scholar and a tutor of many of the other gods, but true to the curse is known only for his massive manhood.
  • Good Bad Girl — This trope is beginning to look like what happens when a woman with post-modern values (i.e. a non virgin-idealized woman) appears in a place where she isn't expected. This sort of thing happens in contemporary settings as much as it does period pieces, largely because we haven't gotten beyond our double standards.
  • Good Girls Avoid Abortionnote  — Apparently not so in '80s high-school flicks in which this happened more than once without incident. I blame the MPAA (which is far more conservative now, than it was then) for Hollywood's greater emphasis of this trope in later films. Abortion and Women's Reproductive Rights are among the most controversial issues of our era. For useful notes on medical procedures that are used to terminate pregnancies, go here for a comprehensive look at the controversy, go here. For my less than common opinions, click here 
  • Lovable Sex Maniac — I added (and am quite fond of) the quote by Phil from Chokenote  Guys like Phil are great for support groups that cover embarrassing issues by setting the bar. Anyone else who joins will realize well, at least I'm not as perverse as that guy. All such support groups need a guy like this as a leader.
  • Polyamorynote  — Been here and done this, and it's amazing how few people get that this is more than swinging. Someone wrote a swell useful notes page which needs some modification and revision the doing of which I've been really lazy / busy / distracted.
  • You're Drinking Breast Milk — It's sweeter than cow or goat's milk.

Relevant topics

  • Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, 1931 a Free Love Dystopia, where participation in the public Orgy Porgy is mandatory.
  • Brave New World (TOW)note 
  • Church of All Worlds (CAW) (TOW) a good model for polygamous or polyfidelous relationships.
  • Ectogenesis (TOW)
  • The Ethical Slut by Janet Hardy and Dossie Easton (TOW)
  • Friends with Benefits is a trope with a euphemistic name cooler than it deserves, usually reserved for sexually active partners who are otherwise only casual friends (with the subtext that both participants are ultimately looking for a more solid, and exclusionary, love relationship). The term would be better if it also included good friends who are also sexually active with each other, though this seems to be a less common phenomenon in contemporary western culture.
  • Friendzone (TOW) is a trope awaiting its own entry, but for a matter of time. A concept within mainstream culture that friend relationships are intrinsically different than lover relationships (exempli gratia, a confidant is unlikely the same person as a paramour). since...  This is typically less of an issue within the sex-positive community. given... 
  • Gattaca Babies, produced by ectogenesis (see above)
  • The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, 1985, A dystopia on the other side of the spectrum to Brave New World where sex is allowed only for reproduction, as per the world variants of Christian Fundamentalism.
  • The Handmaid's Tale (TOW)
  • Polygyny (TOW), the most common form of polygamy practiced in the real world, given it is advocated by some sects of Islam and Mormonism.
  • Post Scarcity Economy (TOW)
  • The Westermarck Effect (TOW), why super-hot siblings tend not to have sexual interest in each other.note 
    They Called Me Mad 
They still do, too. Diagnosed. Seen the inside of a wacky ward.

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    Star Trek 
This deserves its own special folder, since my research on Star Trek lore (mostly TOS) qualifies me for Trekkie status. Still, I'm less interested in Internal Consistency than I am in the process by which this diegesis grew.

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    Tricks of the Trades 
Devices of storytelling as they vary from medium to medium. As one in the biz, I like to keep an eye on this stuff.

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    Troper Resources 

    Trope Development 

New Tropes In Development

How In Hell are these not already tropes

  • To Take The Throne — Classic ambition of The Evil Prince, the Evil Chancellor, any ambitious duke and any other noble with a mean streak, precursor ambition to World Domination.
  • Monster Classic — It's alive (or sentient, or both). It lurks in the shadows. It eats people (or kills them gruesomely), but for most of the story, it singles out its victims when alone. Most monsters are literal, whether creatures of folklore (Vampires, Werewolves, Sasquaches), creatures of dreams (Eldrich Horrors, Chest-bursting Facehuggers, Killer Robots), or creatures of the real world (Lions, Tigers, Bears). Monsters plague our nightmares when not infesting our organs and cause attrition problems in our community. These are not (yet) the creatures who rampage through Tokyo, but the authorities are unresponsive if not ineffectual. It comes to our protagonist to save the day. This is the Monster story, and it is told time and time again.

Unadded Edits

  • Crazy Cat Lady: Add a hottip disclaiming that not all Real Life crazy cat ladies are animal hoarders, the difference being the latter are unable to take proper care of their animals. Not all fictional CCLs are either. Some are, rather, Witches with a lot of familiars.
  • Deadly Disc — Fix the Back to the Future entry (The Frisbie pie plate actually was the origin of the Frisbee Flying Disc). Also add a Real Life section featuring the Chakram and the (non-flying) Wind And Fire Wheel. Add, also, Xena's Chakram. Noted that a lot of this parallels Rings of Death.
  • Enhance Button — Add enhancements than can be done on high-resolution images. Distorted images reflected in shiny surfaces is small time CIA stuff, but common sharpening algorithms (that remove noise and specific kinds of blur) can, at very least, detect 'shopping, and sometimes even detect fingerprints or residual writing. Of course the key element here is high resolution.
    Sherlock Holmes: Data data data, I cannot make bricks without clay!
    — The Adventure of the Copper Beeches
    — Sherlock Holmes (2010)
  • Even Nerds Have Standards — Fix the PvP, PvE wikiwords. Add the Lightsaber Kid and the annual frequently recurring Lightsaber Choreography Competition acknowledging fat jedi can be badass.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses — The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the early seasons of The West Wing had this ability when commanding direct action from the situation room.
  • Masquerade — I'll need to decide which masquerades, historical or contemporary are worth mention and exposition.
  • Mailer Daemon — The trope is about monsters (literal or figurative) stalking folks online. An actual Mailer Daemon should be better explained, and some disambiguation should be created between this, those and seductive chatbots.
  • Gone Horribly Right — The Manhattan Project and Castle Bravo should be joined in the Real Life section. The Manhattan Project did what we expected it to do with the Trinity test. It just happened to be a really big history-shaking kaboom. The Bikini Island detonation of the first hydrogen bomb exceeded our expectations to a gross degree, requiring the evacuation of nearby islands of their native populations, and served as the true dawn of the nuclear age.

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