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12:13:08 PM Feb 7th 2012
Please consolidate this entry from Portal 2:
  • When you confront Wheatley, he takes time to point out the steps he's taken to avoid the same fate as GLaDOS. If he had only left it there, he'd be invincible, but he takes the extra step of hurling bombs at you, which of course proves to be the source of his downfall. To give him credit, he does try to shut them off after you hit him with the first one, but it fails.
    • Before he starts lobbing the bombs around, he even comments that the shields/wall plates he has stuck on himself is to make himself immune from his own attacks. And while he is rather good at blocking, unfortunately he didn't take into account that you could hit him from unexpected angles via portals.
    • Whenever a gel tube bursts, which aids you in hitting him, the boss complains vociferously. All the planning in the world won't save you from the facility falling apart.
    • However, there is the fact that he is, in fact, a complete idiot.
02:48:36 AM Feb 27th 2015
edited by SmartGirl333
It is fixed with rather nice spoiler avoiding (not by me, but I just wanted to point out that it's fixed):

  • Portal 2 defies and double subverts the trope while also justifying it and hanging lampshades:
    • When you confront GLaDOS again, she's taken care to keep you from using the same tactics to beat her as in the first game. However, unbeknownst to her, you've already sabotaged her defenses, and the mainframe helpfully provides a third option to the ensuing stalemate.
    • At the start of the final battle, the boss informs you that it has analyzed the first game's climax and set up an arena with no portal surfaces and thus no way to fight it while the neurotoxin kills you. However, it took the extra step of equipping itself with bombs (and reconfigurable shields so you can't hit it with the bombs), but forgot about the tube of Conversion Gel running through the room. One broken tube later and you gain the means with which to defeat it. What's more, after you hit it with a bomb for the first time, it tries to stop using them but discovers that the mechanism for doing so has been damaged.
12:07:58 PM Feb 7th 2012
This entry from Metroid must be consolidated according to How to Write an Example:
  • Kraid is completely invulnerable, and Samus is the one taking Collision Damage... explain how Kraid couldn't win by just closing his eyes and running randomly around the room Samus is locked in. The point about Metroid Prime is a good one, though - imagine if there was something mouse-sized attacking you with a weapon powered by your sweat. Not exactly easy to stop sweating.
    • To continue the mouse metaphor, attempting to slam your body into a tiny target while blinded is not the best idea. A better way to win would be just not firing his belly spikes.
      • Kraid may have an excuse for exposing his weak point (missiles in the eyes hurt, we are led to assume), but Spore Spawn's shell is completely impenetrable. Randomly halting its attack in order to open up and show off the squishy parts is worthy of a Darwin Award.
      • Maybe that's how it breathes? It's hard to be sure with Metroid bosses...
      • I remember reading a theory that Spore Spawn wasn't too efficient energy-wise, and its "squishy core"(supposedly a sort of Brain) needed air faster than any other method could procure it. Thus it had to open often to perform gas exchange. So essentially, it's like trying to fight while holding your mouth and nose closed.
      • Mogenar may have the excuse of needing to open the hatches as ventilation.
12:09:16 PM Feb 7th 2012
This entry must be rewritten so that it identifies the work it's from and Example Indentation in Trope Lists:
  • If Baron Praxis never launched bombs at you during the Mar's Tomb boss battle in Jak II, you'd never be able to hit him.
12:07:26 PM Feb 7th 2012
Can this example from Final Fantasy VII be consolidated?
  • As do the Mist Dragon (Final Fantasy IV), Wingraptor (Final Fantasy V) and Lightning Whelk (Final Fantasy VI).
    • Not sure about Wingraptor or Lightning Whelk, but for the Guard Scorpion and Mist Dragon, the in-game goal is just to get past them, which would be easy if they were always defensive; the heroes could just walk away.
    • The same applies to Wingraptor and Whelk.
12:22:17 PM Apr 4th 2011
Im going to modify the Knuckles final boss example from sonic and knuckles. If one looks closely it could be noticed that Hyper Mecha Sonic's invulnerability dissipates after one specific attack (a set of 3 energy balls). so It could be said if he didn't use that attack he might have one
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