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06:29:02 PM Feb 25th 2013
There should be a list of its subtropes, like Incest Subtext, Homoerotic Subtext, Foe Romance Subtext, etc. or it should be made an index page. Currently, there really is not much content.
09:01:43 PM Dec 1st 2010
Wow. This used to be a really good article. Now it sucks. Ima fix it and lock it.
12:04:19 AM Dec 3rd 2010
Isn't that a bit heavy handed? I'll freely admit I'm biased (I did write some of the previous content) but one person just dictating what goes on a page sounds out of place in a wiki.

p.s. the current text is just two people having a conversation, saying one thing and thinking another, it isn't really subtext.
01:01:04 PM Dec 25th 2010
It doesn't even look like an article anymore...
04:35:16 AM Apr 12th 2011
Erm, you could have at least made it Woody Allen and Annie Hall so people can actually click on what you're talking about.
10:21:04 PM May 29th 2011
Can we have the article that actually looks and reads like a wiki article? (ie. not the Annie Hall version)
12:12:55 PM Aug 28th 2011
edited by Glixinator
I agree, this is a page, but not an article. Fast Eddie, shame on you for vandalizing and locking it, shame. I don't even know what the article used to look like, so double shame. UNLOCK THE DAMN ARTICLE!

edit: Ok, now I've seen it in the edit history, but still, shouldn't it have both an article similar to what you deleted and an execution similar to what you replaced it with, and an examples section?
01:45:03 PM Jul 14th 2015
Yeah, this really is lame. I agree with Glixinator.
08:38:04 PM Aug 29th 2010
Just to satisfy my curiosity.. what is "fandom" vernacular? Pretty much all of humanity can be said to be a fandom of something (even a random Mongolian villager, say, is part of the fandom of Tezhin the Village Throat Singer) and when I think of subtext, I think of hidden meanings within text, not erotic undertones (though that can be one of the hidden meanings) or sodomy.
10:23:33 AM Dec 13th 2010
The hidden meanings can be sexual. Or not.
07:46:26 AM May 3rd 2010
This article makes it sound like all subtext is sexual, when really you can have subtext about all sorts of things.
02:18:38 PM Jun 15th 2010
Well, you should remember that 'subtext' is an anagram of 'butt sex'
01:34:41 AM Mar 26th 2010
"In a book that has it readers can thrust deepr, harder, into it, going back and forth, through its pages until, they release the hidden subtext."

Wanton Cruelty to the Common Comma, anyone? I like the Subtext, though, so I'll clean this up.
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