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Fast Eddie: Pulled out ...
In fandom circles, it is often used interchangeably with Ho Yay, aided by a convenient anagram (work it out).
... as it duplicates what was already there., where?
Looney Toons: Okay, okay, we get it. "Subtext" anagrams to "butt sex", yes, thank you. Do we really need to even bother mentioning it, especially as it's not even relevant to statistically half the possible examples, including the allegedly archetypal case of Xena and Gabrielle?

Mister Six: I think you should put this one down to you being grouchy again. It's a jokey, four-word sentence, not the end of the world.
Rule: Do potholes on this very site, as well as others, count as subtext? In other words, is it worth adding to the example list?
Prfnoff: This is one of those basic concepts that needs a page. On the other hand, the examples are pretty dumb, and I can see this as one of those pages that don't need no stinkin' examples.

Gemmifer: I changed it.
Logical Dash: How does that Annie Hall example qualify as subtext? The characters' thoughts do not match their words, true; but if the audience is told what the characters' thoughts are, then it's not subtext, it's regular text. Subtext is when there's something that is implied by the text, and never stated. Does This Remind You of Anything? is a variety of subtext.

Fast Eddie: The audience had no access to the italic portions. These italic portions were given here as an example of what the subtext might have been if it were text. <bites lip />

Joysweeper: There are no examples. But what if you have something that would be Ho Yay if both people were the same gender and UST if they dwelled on each other? Two opposite-gendered HeterosexualLifePartners who happened to be rather fond of each other and do a lot of touching when they talk to each other? Does this really only ever show up between Wedge and Leia?

Roxor: Hey guys, could someone who understands to concept please rewrite the article so readers can see exactly how to get subtext out of regular text and how to do the reverse operation?