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06:35:29 AM Feb 21st 2017
What's the difference between this and Nausea Fuel?
08:55:38 PM Feb 2nd 2014
There's nothing here! Hum maybe we should just censor all horror related things as well. meat moss...ETC
05:15:28 PM Feb 2nd 2012
I think we should change this Trope so it applies to Squick IN-UNIVERSE, I.E. characters find the display disgusting. It shouldn't be the case of a 5 lined page, we should have something here, but it should not be arguable, it has to be found revolting in the story. Yes it may be only one squished fly may be this trope if the chracters react, and doesn't count if it is the contents of a septic tank if no one bats an eye.
10:11:55 PM Aug 5th 2011
Troper Tales maybe one couldn't quite put examples here, but wouldn't a Troper Tales page be appropriate? Seeing as squick is rather on an individual level.
10:25:09 PM Feb 18th 2011
edited by Krisnack
"Please don't list this on a work's page as a trope. Examples can go here, on one of this page's subpages, or the work's YMMV tab."

Hilariously, it seems whoever locked the page has no idea how the YMMV page actually works.
10:34:27 PM Feb 18th 2011
The page was locked long before the YMMV banner was installed.
12:30:20 PM Feb 10th 2011
Contraction should be changed to portmanteau cause that's what they meant.
07:23:33 PM Dec 13th 2010
Would it be possible to add in-universe examples of squick? As in, characters' squick reactions instead of real-life squick reactions?
08:16:02 PM Dec 13th 2010
That would call for a new trope. Go to YKTTW.
09:01:17 PM Dec 13th 2010
isnt that Sick and Wrong ?
12:33:25 PM Nov 3rd 2010
There is a very important part of the definition left out. Namely Squick explicatively leave outs out any judgement beyond personal dislike. As apposed to disgusting that implies it should not be one at all.
12:35:11 PM Nov 3rd 2010
08:45:54 PM Aug 24th 2011
The key point to the invention of the term squick for that emation respoance was to be non judgmental, it basically be definition a YMMV term
05:12:55 PM Oct 22nd 2010 wasn't Radioactive Man who said the quote about goggles. It was Rainer Wolfcastle....who was filming a movie in which he played Radioactive Man. Big difference.
12:22:38 PM Dec 18th 2010
Also, unless the line was reused, the quote is nothing to do with Squick, he was told the goggles would stop his eyes being harmed by acid but well..
06:19:09 AM Jan 15th 2011
It's a quote about brain bleach, which is what most reactions to squick are.
06:25:20 AM Aug 16th 2010
Why is there a laconic page? There's hardly a 'main' page here.
02:01:11 AM Dec 15th 2010
Yeah? Where'd this page go? It used to have examples and such. Totally threw off my Trope Trawl.
09:32:52 PM Jul 25th 2010
I demand imge links!
10:19:04 AM Jul 26th 2010
Phbt. Not if you're going to ask for them so rudely.
08:20:22 PM Sep 15th 2011
Video link. It's purposefully SQUICK, so you'll want brain bleach ready.
12:25:10 PM Mar 4th 2010
Your mileage may vary.
06:44:31 PM Mar 19th 2010
This topic could really use some examples.
11:17:56 PM Mar 22nd 2010
Not to be confused with the awful, AWFUL fanfiction of the same name?
10:46:50 AM Apr 13th 2010
I first saw "squick" used on the Delta Green mailing list (for the Call of Cthulhu RPG) in about 1998, I think. It had a more specific meaning. It was an onomatopoeia for a particular, um, "act"... you had to drill your own hole.
11:23:17 PM Apr 29th 2010
All the examples are in the archived discussion.
12:16:39 PM May 31st 2010
How about this image for the article?

11:51:06 PM Jul 6th 2010
Who the hell removed the examples in a way that prevents them from being seen?
11:13:36 PM Jul 12th 2010
edited by
I had heard that it was an onomatopoeia for the sound of something wet/disgusting being squeezed out of a tight space. (Have heard references to both the "drill your own hole" and also to "Aunt Flo's Visit")
12:42:37 PM Oct 23rd 2010
I heard the word "squick" in 1993, on a usenet newsgroup, just before the web became popular. At the time it was used as an onomotopoeia for a sex act that required the receptive partner to remove her glass eye.

And, apparently, when she was a "virgin" to this particular act, her loving partner had removed a non-glass eye, without even a local anesthetic, in order to make it possible.

Ever since then people have used the sound effect to refer to anything that gets the same emotional reaction from them.
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