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03:34:34 AM Aug 18th 2011
What the hell? Tony Blair? Magret Thatcher? On the same side? What the hell? Magret Thatcher-good? Atually good comparison (though I have a feeling the person who wrote that has no knowledge of British politics whatsoever. Blair's Labour.
09:43:30 AM Jun 4th 2011
I should say, this entire "trope" is VERY subjective. (Spirited Away? Code Geass? Seriously?) I'm not even sure it's a trope. I would prefer it to just be axed altogether.
02:51:46 AM Mar 4th 2011
I'm not sure Warcraft counts, since I've heard it actually was going to be a Licensed Game. Doesn't that fail the "Nothing to do with" criterion?
06:29:10 AM Dec 7th 2010
Tropers.Kazmahu: Not quite sure if this counts, so I'll ask: It's been said that Just Cause 2 is the best Michael Bay film to come out in a while. Does that fit here?
03:37:34 AM Sep 12th 2010
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SevenSeals: Took out this: As a big fan of both Mass Effect and Star Trek, all I can say is... no. Sure, they've got things in common (it's both space opera with a lot of common tropes like Proud Warrior Race Guy, Cool Ship, that sort of thing) but honestly, that's it. Just because Mass Effect is probably the best space opera series to come out in years doesn't mean it's Star Trek. In short, I completely fail to see how this one is "really, really obvious".
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