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06:25:37 PM Nov 22nd 2016
edited by Tenebrae3
Where would Stupid Evil fall? I would guess they would be in the irredeemable category
05:11:01 PM Jan 31st 2015
edited by Elenna123
Should Knight Templar be somewhere on this list? Probably in Most Sympathetic?
04:35:43 PM Jun 14th 2014
How are Yanderes sympathetic? I thought they were pretty evil? o.O

Unless this is a matter of how the audience views them and not necessarily a matter of good vs. evil, but most of it seems to be that way... I thought some Yanderes were pretty psycho. :O

I mean, where does Yuno Gasai fit on the list, really? o.O You know, the Mirai Nikki girl that pretty much codifies it. :p
12:10:28 AM Aug 3rd 2011
Where does Pragmatic Villainy fall within this scale?
03:26:08 AM Oct 7th 2011
I don't think it has a particular place.
04:19:53 AM Feb 8th 2011
How can a Designated Villain be below Anti-Villain? It's not defined by a lack of character development, but by not doing anything to deserve the villainous reputation the story gives them.
06:34:13 AM Feb 8th 2011
Because the classic Designated Villain is the villain because of who he is, not what he does. Take a Nazi in a WWII story: Bam, instant villain. You don't have to show him doing anything to make him a villain, you just have to specify that he's a Nazi. (In theory, anyway.)

In other words, a lot like a Mook, with a similar variability on the scale. (Although, as with the Mook, the DV rarely goes that far below Ordinary Villainy.)
01:30:38 PM Oct 10th 2011
No, that's Villain by Default. A Designated Villain is portrayed as villainous by the story, but there isn't really anything to put him above a mere Jerkass, and sometimes not even that.
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