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01:05:35 AM Nov 26th 2013
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Just to be sure, a Proud Scholar Race can also be a Proud Warrior Race, right?
10:08:07 PM Mar 26th 2012
Is there any particular reason we can have RL examples for this trope but not Proud Warrior Race Guy?
01:16:53 PM Apr 24th 2012
I don't think so. Proud Merchant Race and Proud Scholar Race are now on the crowner to get the No Real Life Examples tag.— For reference, the matter was discussed some time ago here.
07:52:48 AM Dec 6th 2010
edited by berr
OK, Space Elves is now launched, and Type II (Enlightened Mystic Race) are described as also being Type II of this trope, so I've updated the links accordingly.

Note that the difference is that both tropes include category variants that do not fit in the other, so these are related but not identical tropes. Type II is where they mostly overlap.

Barring a future split, (Type II) Enlightened Mystic Race currently links to Space Elves.
01:06:40 AM Sep 18th 2010
Rewriting the description to merge the Enlightened Mystic Race-Space Elves YKKTW with this one, and adding the examples it accumulated. If anyone objects, let me know on the discussion page.

A future project might be a "soft split" between the 'scientist' and 'mystic' subtypes of Proud Scholar Race.

10:20:43 AM Oct 12th 2010
edited by berr
Wyvernil, I still think we need some version of your YKTTW, since it specifically relates to Space Elves (or the phenomenon of Space Elf equivalents). I pleaded with folks to coordinate with your YKTTW before launching this one, although this is a good trope and a good description. Here's what I suggest:

Space Elves really includes three categories that bridge the gap between this trope and Our Elves Are Better, so it's a separate trope from this one due to partial overlap.

  1. One of the three categories, aptly called Enlightened Mystic Race, is a straight subtrope of this trope, as listed.

  2. One of the three categories is literal Elves IN SPACE!.

  3. One of the three categories is the phenomenon of beings that fulfill the same function as archetypal Fair Folk (The Greys and Little Green Men often qualify, but Alien Abduction and Aliens Steal Cattle is almost a direct subtrope of this phenomenon; compare Changeling Tale (ykttw)

These three categories could be merged categories redirecting to Space Elves.

I would be willing to start a YKTTW for Space Elves that includes the above three categories, since one of those categories is specifically your subtrope Enlightened Mystic Race that is now category II of this trope. The merge you did looks great, so half the work is already done.
10:46:51 AM Oct 12th 2010
edited by berr
After re-reading the YKTTW for this page, it looks like the consensus was to still have a second trope for Space Elves, but as you say the original description was apropos to this trope and got merged with it, so I will go ahead and do a separate YKTTW for Space Elves (if you don't mind of course!)

...And here it is: Space Elves (new ykttw)

I listed your YKTTW as a reference (barring a future soft split, since Enlightened Mystic Race would be Proud Scholar Race meets Space Elves).
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