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05:30:37 PM May 23rd 2012
I strongly suggest gutting the Politics section. Pare it down to the simple, generic example of parties pandering to the base, rather than the current morass of flame-bait.
10:50:30 AM May 25th 2012
...and since nobody objected, I have deleted the following part:

  • Oddly enough, this trope was inverted in the 2008 presidential race: the Republicans nominated the most moderate of their candidates in John McCain (a senator famous for "reaching across the aisle" to work with Democrats), whereas Democrat nominee Barack Obama was generally seen (at the time anyway) as more moderate than the other two leading contenders. During the general election, however, McCain was perceived to have pandered enormously, specifically with the selection of Sarah Palin as his vice-president.
  • The recent Tea Party movement leading up to the 2010 midterm elections is turning into something of a mixed blessing for Republican candidates. On one hand, it's hard to combat the amount of publicity and energy such a movement generates in support of its candidates. On the other, such candidates are tending to be arch-conservative with no inclination whatsoever to want to negotiate with Democrats (or even other Republicans) to pass legislation. By extolling their conservative credentials, they win the support of the Republican faithful at the cost of the more moderate voting public. Such is the case in Delaware, where early polls showed that the moderate Republican candidate, supported by the party establishment, was a shoe-in to win the seat. But when he was upset in the primary by the Tea Party candidate, Christine O'Donnell, the seat was almost immediately declared back in play, as far fewer Democratic and independent voters are willing to support a candidate so far from the center. The Democratic candidate, Chris Coons, would go on to win the election, though almost certainly helped by gaffes O'Donnell made in the lead up to the election (including an infamous campaign ad where she proclaimed that she wasn't a witch.) This has also bled into the 2012 Republican party primaries, which have become unexpectedly bitter and divisive as a result.
    • As a specific result, the Moderate Republicans are probably the most unhappy bunch in American politics right now: the 2012 Presidential primary was filled almost entirely by far-right candidates, and even though supposedly-moderate Mitt Romney triumphed (basically because he was the only moderate left standing after Jon Huntsman dropped out), many moderate Republicans fear that Romney will play this exact trope straight and pander to the far-right wing of the party. Meanwhile, most of the moderate Republicans also dislike Obama's policies. Meaning that for a moderate Republican, the 2012 election has become a choice between an incumbent who they see as too liberal and a candidate from their own party who—despite ostensibly being a moderate—the moderates fear he will pander to the party's fringiest elements in order to "rally the base."
01:43:43 AM Jun 3rd 2011
edited by Gundamforce
This feels to me like an Accentuate the Negative version of And the Fandom Rejoiced.
03:08:41 PM Jul 2nd 2012
Except not all the examples on here are bad.
03:08:21 PM Sep 15th 2010
Me Sah Gonna Die

Please advise me how to set up this page which is the opposite of Pandering to the Base.

Picture of Jar Jar Bings

Executive Meddling creates a Character that all the fans hate: The Scrappy . The Wesley , The Neelix etc.

This episode, The Scrappy is going to die and he never EVER does. Opposite of Pandering to the Base.

MOVIE Jar Jar Bings the Trope Namer

LIVE ACTION TV The Neelix and The Wesley numerous times. Buffy Theampire Slayer season 7 Buffy threatened to kill the Third nerd Andrew and then sent him to film the "Potentials" in the showers. Sub Verted in Xena: Warrior Princess , Season 2, Joxer was unpopular, so he was never in danger By season 5, Joxer had Grown A Beard, he was popular, so he was killed.
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