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Ununnilium: This is a well-written entry. Nicely done.

Air Of Mystery: As noted in the quote at the top, something Nintendo is trying to combat with its innovative DS and Wii platforms, focusing on innovative, intuitive gaming that can convert non-gamers instead of trying to impress the hardcore with marginally newer and flashier doodads. While Sony and Microsoft are fighting over the slices of an increasingly smaller pie, Nintendo is trying to make a bigger pie.

Well, golly. Yet another reason why Nintendo is inherently perfect and superior to everyone else. Let's send them chocolates and tell every other game maker to give up, because there's no possible way they can compete with the four-hundredth Mario game and FP Ss with light gun sensitivity.

Tanto: You can drop the fanboy spiel any time now. Nintendo's sales figures speak for themselves.

Air Of Mystery: I know. I was overreacting there. I'm not saying they're not successful, I'm saying that they're not perfect: they sell very well and they've known their market for years, but they're not the be-all and end-all of innovative gaming.

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  • Of course, once those new gamers are hooked a certain percentage tend to look for something a bit more substantial. This might be one reason why the Wii, like the GameCube before it, is still seen as a "kiddy's platform" with people moving on to more mature fare on the PC, Xbox and 360, or the Playstation 2 and 3.

...mostly because it's pure conjecture based on questionable logic. Non-gamers (you know, the new gamers that the Wii's attracting?) that get bored on the Wii's library of Casual Video Games aren't going to shell out even more money to buy a system packing traditional games that didn't interest them before just to see if it'll interest them now. Non-gamers that get bored of casual games will just stop playing video games and go on with their lives. (Though I'd be tickled pink if my mother's addiction to Wii Sports and Cake Mania will lead to her fighting me for the right to play Super Robot Wars).

Charred Knight: I replaced Zack with Cloud Strife since I have no idea how you can derail a character who appeared in a whopping 5 minutes.
s5555: Any reason why Touhou shouldn't be includied in this? Despite the numerous games, they have evolved very little from its base design. (And let's not forget the Moe Moe factor largely involved, oh my...)