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09:39:25 PM Feb 29th 2016
while intresting I didn't feel these were actual zombies. As usual when I trim what I see as cruft, I leave it in the discussion page in case someone wants to put it back.

  • In India the tens of thousands of normally functioning individuals have been declared dead by government officials so that others might be able to appropriate their land and property. The problem is so widespread that a pressure group called Mritak Sangh or Association of Dead People has been formed to advocate on their behalf. Some have even tried running for elected office despite the notable handicap of being dead. Another tactic is provoking the police to arrest them, so they will need to explain how someone dead can be arrested.
    • The reverse has happened so frequently in Japan, it's generated a term of its own. "Kodokushi", which means "lonely death". It refers to people who have died alone, and as their deaths have gone undocumented, they aren't registered as dead for a long time, sometimes by as long as a decade or more. With the growing elderly population and an epidemic of social isolation, it's become a serious social problem. It's estimated that as many as 32,000 people might have died "lonely deaths" in 2009 alone.
06:13:34 AM Jan 29th 2012
Type S: Species. This category would be for zombies that are an altogether different species from humans, such as the Cenobites from "Hellraiser".
11:32:29 AM Jan 18th 2013
edited by Robrecht

So it seems the article was rewritten to remove all references to the lettered types.

I don't know why, but what this results in is that the whole wiki is full of references to, for instance, 'Type R' and 'Type F' zombies. But there's no explanation anymore of what each type means.

Nor do I know what each type meant, so I can't personally fix it.

Aaaaaand... This was of course not a reply to the above. Oops.
05:47:07 PM Mar 26th 2014
The type referred to the first letter of the term. Voodoo zombies are type V and type F is flesh eating for example...and really, removing that was questionable. Then again, maybe that never would have made it into the final version if they had waited until the thing had five hats until launching.

Still, you would think someone would make sure to do a corresponding cleanup before changing what was a mostly harmless part of the trope page anyway.
06:05:49 PM Jan 25th 2016
edited by OmegaMetroid
And it seems the wiki still hasn't been fully cleaned up, and some of the types don't match trope names (type R is Revenant Zombie, but type P can be either Plague Zombie or Parasite Zombie, and there's no indicator of what type M and type O were).
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