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06:28:09 AM Jun 15th 2012
This trope should really be much more specific. As it's used right now, it almost seems like a supertrope of Continuity Snarl, Expansion Pack Past, and general insanity. That's a lot of overlap.

Multiple-Choice Past could be a meaningful trope - a character for whom inconsistency and uncertainty about their backstory is a significant part of their character - but people have added pretty much every character whose backstory has ever been retconned. The Joker, Black Beetle, and the janitor on Scrubs have Multiple Choice Pasts: no one except maybe the character knows what's true, and the writers want it that way. Power Girl, Sylar, and Warcraft's Thrall do not: at any one time they have had normal backstories, whether or not characters actually know what that backstory is, it's just that writers keep Retconning it or time travel stories result in a Cosmic Retcon.

So, thoughts? I'm not going to rewrite the intro and delete a third of the examples (rough estimate) by myself, don't worry, but I think this trope could be much better.
11:33:48 AM Sep 1st 2012
That's a project for the Trope Repair Shop— you'll probably not get much consensus here.
01:10:15 PM Dec 27th 2011
Someone jacked up the page, went back and fixed it.
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