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01:00:36 PM Nov 27th 2011
Bringing this up from Lost and Found because I haven't figured how to permalink there, if it is possible

I'm looking for a trope which might be this But More Specific, a trope product with Bishonen Line or a different but related trope. I've noticed this trend not only in Mon shows but also in some shows related to tech and superpowers.

The thing is, many shows where the characters or the villains tend to pull a Sigma (ie.: "look at my new awesome body") or otherwise mutate/evolve to more battle capable forms, for some reason the higher the power goes, not only the more human the creature becomes, but also at the same time it goes more ballistic or armored in design.

For example, for many Pokémon or Digimon who evolve, no matter if they are humanlike, or turtles, or centipedes or even worms, the final forms are usually/always tailless bipedal with arms with opposable thumbs, and they either wear or have attached as friggin' stuff as rocket launchers, laser beams or heck even dual shoulder mounted cannons. And they use them the way a human would, ie.: they tend to instantly go onto More Dakka or something like that. It seems to be a statement that for something to be considered "evolved" or "advanced", it has to share the human mindset and capacity for destruction.

Do we have this? If not, would I go to YKTTW it? I'm already thinking of a name like Evolution Implies Armamentism (but it does not exactly aim where I think the trope goes) or Evolution Implies Humanity.
08:16:53 PM Jan 30th 2013
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