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08:06:48 PM Dec 21st 2013
There's no actual "word of god" on whether HIM from Powerpuff girls is a hermaphrodite or a crossdresser, so I'm just going to leave this here.
04:41:42 AM May 19th 2012
Can an Eberron expert answer a simple question about changeling please?

Can changeling shapeshift into futanari? We already know they can change gender at will (as long as they're not pregnant).

09:51:22 PM Aug 3rd 2011
Does having a Hermaphrodite Gender Bender form qualify a male character for Even the Girls Want Her (or a female one for Even the Guys Want Him)?
11:55:43 PM Dec 23rd 2010
I'm gonna agree with the people in the archived discussion here and say that the trope name should be changed. Seriously, it's both inaccurate and legitimately hurtful — we're not talking some nitpicky Seinfeldian complaint here — so it doesn't seem very productive to keep the name the way it is.
08:15:26 AM Dec 26th 2010
This article has such a victim complex, it's pathetic. Oh no, it's sooo hurtful and you should mind peoples feelings! Waaah! You'd think the article would go on to rant about years of transgender/intersex opression. Legitimately hurtful? Really? An article on the internet uses the word Hermaphrodite, and you are suddenly struck as though you're experiencing 'Nam flashbacks? Give me a break. Shame that a scientific term must be censored in order to protect whiner's feelings.
09:39:18 PM Jan 19th 2011
edited by amitraday
To be a bit more polite than the troper above me, changing the title would not make sense. This is not a trope about intersex people. I repeat, this is NOT a trope about intersex people. It is about someone with both male and female reproductive organs which does not exist in humans. It's like someone claiming that 'vampire' is a hurtful word and offends them.

Also, just stating it can offend people once is enough explanation for the main page. TV tropes is not a soapbox or a public service announcement. Please do not treat it as such.
02:20:30 PM Dec 13th 2012
After looking at this article, it is not what amitraday is claiming at all. Just below the title 'hermaphrodite' it says 'aka: Intersex', clearly conflating the two. If you type 'intersex' into the Google custom search, this page shows up with the title 'intersex', and leads to a page that says 'hermaphrodite'. The opening text gives lip service to the admission that hermaphroditism and intersexuality are two different things, but they are not truly being treated as such. Also, throughout the article, intersex characters are included as examples. This is likely because there is no page actually given for intersex characters. Over winter break, I will attempt to create a page dealing with intersexuality, so this page can be fixed accordingly.
04:10:46 PM Nov 23rd 2015
And regardless of anything, it's very likely that real intersex people are compared to these characters.

It's not even about sensitivity, it's about accuracy. Most media today utilizes the term 'intersex' and TV Tropes is lagging behind to not follow suit.

It'd be like having an article about black people with the N-word as the title. Or calling an article "All Faggots Love Theater." We all agree that's wrong, so let's not make an exception here.
11:36:40 PM Nov 23rd 2015
Intersex and hermaphrodite are not synonyms. The ability of reproducing in two ways is the defining characteristic of hermaphrodites and what the term is used for. A trope about mere intersexuality is something completely different.
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