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03:40:45 PM Sep 24th 2015
Can Half-Humans count in part as Humans Are the Real Monsters, or no?
08:09:35 AM Aug 8th 2014
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Pulled the entire Dragon Age example. Please see How to Write an Example how to write up an internally consistent, concise, properly indented trope example.
  • In Dragon Age, the offspring of elves and humans are always human, although there appear to have been rare cases of half-dwarves.
    • Though the appearance of the half-elf Feynriel in Dragon Age II indicates that some cosmetic elven traits present themselves in hybrids. He's still got the build, the height (and the character model) of a human, but with slightly more angular features.
      • This may be due to the redesign of the elves, since they looked more human in the first game, so the "always human" hybrids made more sense.
    • Alistair's appearance hasn't changed, though, so it may be case-by-case.
01:21:00 PM Jan 7th 2014
I've seen this used as a character being part-non-human, but mostly human. Does that apply given Tropes Are Flexible or is that misuse?
03:48:55 PM Jan 7th 2014
You might want to bring that up in the Forums. People tend to respond more there than here.
04:00:21 PM Oct 22nd 2012
This is certainly impossible naturally, but the editors of the page are completely ignorant of the real scientific experiment going in this direction. The real life section consist only of generic "Conspiracy Theory" mocking.
09:33:20 AM Oct 16th 2012
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Removed this entry because the work it comes from isn't named and I have no clue.

    • An interesting example of a hybrid from two offshoots of humanity, Luna is the daughter of a mutant (Quicksilver) and an Inhuman (Crystal).
    • Another cross between human-offshoots is Maelstrom, an Inhuman/Deviant cross. His son Ransak is a one-quarter Inhuman, three-quarters Deviant.
    • Still another example, the Ritter twins are Eternal/Deviant hybrids.

Alright, is this is from Inhuman? Or Marvel? Sigh... this is why hiding work names in potholes is a bad idea.

Here're more with no work name that may or may not be Marvel:

03:41:25 PM Feb 4th 2012
the remark about newmans in phantasy star online can be responded to with being a case of "name's the same" with a different background. how best to point that out in-article, I'll leave to someone who's had more practice editing.
01:59:23 PM Jan 26th 2011
Surprised the existance of Mar'i Grayson wasn't brought up. The Half Human, Half Tamaranian is odd, in that there is basically no difference between her or her mother, except for apperances (black hair, human skin.) It seems that she's every bit as capable as her mother as well. Also looks like her own kids would be equally as capable, or at least have glowing green eyes.
01:11:11 AM Jun 24th 2010
Uh, clarification is necessary for the bit about Dianna Wyne Jones's stories. So the centaurs had human fathers. And it says that it would be impossible for a human female to bear a centaur. That wouldn't make sense if this were a matter of centaur-on-human producing centaur. Is this a case of human-on-horse producing centaur? I'm kinda wigged out here.
11:28:51 AM Apr 27th 2010
Somebody's gone and Bluenose Bowdlerized all the mentions of sex to a series of asterisks. Let me just say, whoever you are, stop that. It's irritating and pointless.
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