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07:44:55 PM May 12th 2016
So is there a trope like this, but for gadgets/devices/tools? (Mabel's grapple gun from Gravity Falls for example) Or would that just fall under this trope?
12:59:19 AM May 15th 2016
12:18:33 PM Feb 9th 2015
edited by needsanewhobby
This doesn't seem any different from Remembered I Could Fly.
09:15:36 AM Mar 31st 2016
Agreed. Suggesting merge and pruning.
12:57:13 PM Jun 24th 2014
Probably the most glaring example of Forgot His Powers is Goku from the end of the Frieza saga on. Goku completely abandoned the Kaio-Ken after becoming a Super Saiyan. What people often fail to realize is that Goku can stack Kaio-Ken boosts on top of the Super Saiyan boosts, he even did it against Pikkon in a friendly fight. Assuming Goku never perfected it beyond X20 he'd still be able to squash every main and movie DBZ villain (with the exception of Beerus) like an insect while never having to go beyond his Full Power Super Saiyan form. SSJ 2 is roughly twice as strong as SSJ 1 and SSJ 3 is roughly 4 times stronger than SSJ 2. With that in mind Goku in just his base Super Saiyan form with a 20X Kaio-Ken would be 2.5 times stronger than his SSJ 3 form alone. To put that in perspective, assuming Goku and Gohan had similar power levels in their SSJ 1 forms in the Perfect Cell saga, that would mean Goku would be roughly 10 times stronger than SSJ 2 Gohan who easily curbstomped Perfect Cell. In short Goku in just his SSJ 1 form could've easily destroyed every main DBZ villain if he just remembered his powers.
01:08:33 PM Jun 24th 2014
Fights with Pikkon aren't canon, anime filler, etc.

Realistically, the Kaio-Ken is probably just So Last Season. We don't know precisely how it works, and I'd venture a guess that it doesn't work as exponentially as you seem to think.
09:22:58 AM Mar 31st 2016
The Kaio-Ken supposedly allows the user to create and use energy at a multiplicable rate, hence the x2, x3, etc. It's a linear progression, not exponential, and it was abandoned because Toriyama forgot about it. He forgot their was a Super Saiyan 2, and thought that SS1 is immediately followed by SS3 because the names don't come up very much and 1 and 2 are not very visually distinct. It was later justified in supplementary material as being incompatible with Super Saiyan due to being too similar, and because Super Saiyan is stronger and lasts longer.
02:14:54 PM Dec 3rd 2012
What about "had the ability but didn't have the means to pull it off"? Such as something that could have helped...if you guys hadn't had a character burn the mana/magic points that could have let him use it (it takes ALL he had, which is why he doesn't use it unless extreme emergencies) in your panic. Also, when "THERE'S NO TIME!" is yelled, you default to a basic thing and might not realize you have that power until later — because it takes time to use it, and you didn't have it to use then.
09:21:23 PM Feb 27th 2011
Removed this.

  • In Civil War, absolutely none of Cap's actions are going to solve the problem at hand, the SHRA. In fact, it only seems to intensify the fear regular people have for heroes that caused the law in the first place. Of course, had Cap acted rationally in trying to overturn the law, you wouldn't have big superhero fights. On the flip side, most of the tactical gains by his side is due partially to flaring periods of stupidity on the part of Iron Man and Reed Richards.
    • The Civil War pro-reg side was made even dumber by the fact that Reed Richards once delivered an awesome smackdown on Congress about how the concept of a superhero registration act was basically a really dumb idea that not only wouldn't solve anything of the it was meant to, but also couldn't ever be properly enforced. Head, meet desk. This counts as an example of this trope because it means Reed Richards apparently forgot he was a super-genius.

This is a trope about forgetting your abilities, not making bad decisions. "Forgetting he's a genius" is stretching it to the point of Square Peg, Round Trope. And given that his original argument hinged on enforceability where the Civil War series showed that they could devise methods to enforce the act, its not unreasonable to have Reed reconsider his argument. Especially if (as happens with most people as they mature) he shifted from arguments rooted in idealism to arguments rooted in pragmatism
03:38:26 AM Jan 11th 2011
This trope appears to need some serious overhauling after having its name changed from Plot Induced Stupidity. An incredible number of examples still list it as PIS (including one reference in the body of the text itself), but worse yet, there are too many examples to count which refer only to general stupidity / a character holding the Idiot Ball that is completely unrelated to forgetting to use any special powers, abilities, skills, etc. that character might have used were they Idiot Ball-less.
04:17:29 AM Dec 14th 2011
Not even that, but people still use the old trope name instead of the new one when adding examples.
10:24:56 AM Dec 12th 2010
Why was the page image removed?(I posted this in the previous discussion)
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