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01:21:55 AM Sep 29th 2013
Pulled this:

  • Often when a new app is introduced, the developers advertise it as "Click here to download our app to do X". At this point many developers assume this trope, and forgets that Android even exist. However, this is zigzagged as some Android developers assumes that iphone is the non-existent platform. Worst is it for Microsoft users who usually end in the cross-fire between Android and iPhones with Zoidberg-status as result.

Not really an example, at all. As near as I can tell through the awkward wording it basically boils down to "some people make apps for iPhones and some people make apps for Androids, isn't that wacky?"
10:05:10 PM Aug 31st 2013
This trope should really be named "All Heroes Own a Mac" or "Good Guys Own a Mac" cuz you don't see the bad dudes owning Macs. Like, Seinfeld's always got a Mac, but do you think Newman does? Well, there's Nedry in Jurrassic Park... nevermind. :(
06:10:25 PM Apr 26th 2013
The Article is confusing Hardware with Software. In particular, you can't compare Mac and Windows, because Mac is Hardware and Windows is software. The Counterpart to a Apple-Mac is the IBM-PC, so one should contrast IBM vs Apple. The IBM-PC can run plenty of operation System. To name a few QDOS, CP\M(DR-DOS), PC-DOS, MS-DOS, UNIX, XENIX, Linux, Windows-NT, OS\2 ,... and this are only the major ones. In fact everyone with enough Patience and Assembler skills could write his own operation system for PC, because the programming interface between of the BIOS is fully documented, and has over 30 years of downward Compatiblity, while Apple-Products are considered Junk when they are older than one or two years. By the Way speaking of "Windows" is very inaccurate, because Microsoft-Windows may refer to three different things : A GUI for MS-DOS (MS-WIN 1 - 3), A protected-mode Operation-System based on a DOS-Kernel (Windows 95/98 (internal called MS-DOS 7.x) ) and Windows-NT, the "modern" Windows, an Operation-System imcompatible with anything else. So, a better Comparison is IBM vs Apple (where IBM definitly wins :-) ).
01:27:31 PM Oct 2nd 2013
Or else let The Coconut Effect have it's way, by not changing the name.
07:32:09 AM Oct 9th 2011
Does this have to be about Macs? Can Every Body Owns a Mac also be aplied when every body has the same brand of computer?
02:42:19 PM Apr 12th 2013
Yeah, but it's usually irrevelant as most works tends to have remove brand logos or use mock-up brands. But well, sometimes the authors gets sponsoration from companies and then everybody gets Sony laptops.
01:35:03 PM Dec 23rd 2010
"It also helps that the minimalist design of most Apple products means they don't really stand out in the background of a shot."

I'm sorry? One of the best things and most common things Apple does is create distinctive easily visible designs. Bright white, backlit logos, multicoloured desktops? And they've normally made sure they get the obligatory nothing-but-the-logo-shot.

I mean they're pretty. Really pretty. That's the point. And it's noticable

07:32:45 PM Mar 12th 2013
The apple is pretty much a semi-rectangular rounded white block with an apple on it. Compare that to, say, The Dell Inspiron or even better Alienware lines, they have clearly contrasting parts with white and black, alongside a strong vibrant color for the top half, and in the Alienware's case Tron Lines
10:55:31 AM Jul 7th 2010
edited by joeyjojo
PC are only cheaper than macs if your time is worth nothing. if you take into account the time and effort speed loading software, buying and setting up necessarily accessories and have putting up with consent virus attacks and crashes mac come out on top[1]. Just saying.
04:49:52 PM Apr 5th 2011
I don't believe you. Mainly because the constant virus attacks and crashes are a myth on a well-organized system (3 viruses, 3 crashes in the last four years on Windows, 0 and 0 on Linux, which is statistically insignificant).

I don't really use any accessories, so can't speak for that (but don't believe that setup time can be considered significant in either case unless you're hopelessly incompetent).

For software PC is a hands-down winner. Damn near everything is free or free-and-open-source on PC. All the standard Mac stuff is expensive and buggy.
07:30:44 PM Mar 12th 2013
Lets not forget that a PC can get even cheaper if your computer-savy and just build it yourself
06:25:50 AM May 8th 2010
Removed this:

  • In Death Note, L uses a Mac while Light uses a PC.

One person using a Mac is not an example of them being overrepresented in the show. Could be added back in with more examples of Mac-using characters.
12:27:20 AM Jun 25th 2010
Well, I think it could count if the one character using a Mac in a series is the cool hero, while the PC user is the fat, ugly, unpopular, possibly evil. nerdface.
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