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04:35:07 PM Jan 20th 2018
Some of the examples in Music are real life examples. Permission to move to "Real Life" folder?
04:30:15 PM Jun 13th 2014
Real Life section: Wot no Bronze Age Collapse?
09:00:30 PM Jul 2nd 2010
I am moving this example here, I don't think that either of these musical styles have stopped existing. In fact, there is convincing evidence that they are still around.

  • This happens within broader musical genres a lot. The age of classic rock and roll was ended by the blues inspired hard rock that started in the 60s. The age of hard rock ended with the rise of punk in the 70s. The age of punk was killed in the 80s with the rise of hair metal. The age of hair metal was ended by the rise of grunge in the 90s. The age of grunge was ended by Nu-Metal in the late 90s. And so on.
10:44:00 PM May 29th 2010
Cut this line:

  • 2012 will mark the end of modern civilization, according to The Road to Olduvai Gorge.

There Is No Such Thing as Notability, true, but this hasn't happened yet, and likely possibly won't happen at all, so it doesn't count. It's really more of Apocalypse How.
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