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12:01:41 PM Sep 23rd 2014
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I don't think the Yellow Submarine entry is a valid example; those scenes are right there in the movie, and don't need anything special done to access them, so it's not an "easter egg".

Besides, it's not correct to say that those scenes weren't in the 1968 movie (if they weren't, where did they come from so they could be included?); it's just that they weren't included in the American print, just the European one.
10:05:33 PM Jun 4th 2014

That's not an Easter egg so much as the way Google Translate works; massively oversimplified, it searches its database for the word or phrase entered and sees what word or phrase in the target language tends to be associated with it. When "Vincebus Eruptum" appears, "Blue Cheer" is generally there too, and this is a legitimate attempt at translation
12:19:40 AM Dec 25th 2013
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Why is the article image the Chris Houlihan room? It isn't accessible except for an error or cheating, so it isn't really accessible, it's not an Easter egg. This would be a better picture for "dummies out" or something. It would be better to change it for something else, with better meaning.

I propose it be changed to one of these things, for example:

- Zork's response to >XYZZY, since it's a hugely popular game, it is an easily accessible example within the game, and shows off the trend to include responses to classic cheat codes as Easter eggs — such as how many websites offer responses to the Contra code

- Google Images's response to searching for "Atari Breakout", because it's new, easy to find online for anyone to try, and it is so amazingly hugely mind-bogglingly freaking popular that everyone has heard of it, and will instantly recognise it and connect it to the meaning of the trope very easily — a huge aid in understanding it when reading the article

- Warren Robinett's ordeal on Atari Adventure, because it is famous and classic and is a nifty picture to show

- Those cool Google Earth stuff such as the flight-simulator and the ELIZA robot, because they're cool and also everyone should have heard of them by now right

I don't know though, what do you think
03:19:24 PM Jan 4th 2014
I'm pretty sure not being able to access it without cheating or sniffing around the problem doesn't discount it from being an Easter Egg
06:08:22 PM Jun 23rd 2013
Removing these examples since they don't seem to work anymore:

  • When asked for a certain set of directions, Google Maps advises you to "swim across the Atlantic Ocean." This is a reference to Benoît Lecomte.
    • Another insists at step 46 that you need to cross the Pacific in a kayak.
      • And then takes 27 toll roads in a row going through Japan. And then it makes you kayak across the Pacific again.
      • And let's you walk down Kamehameha road.
      • It's even more fun if you walk instead of drive.
      • And if you do the math, it gets even better. Given the distance traveled vs. time spent, it's actually assuming you go at a very reasonable speed in a kayak...for 15 days straight...without sleeping...and no equipment or supplies to weigh you down... It sounds like they expect you to do the oceanic trips with only a fishing rod, a fillet knife, and a plastic jug with a water filter.
      • If your path crosses through the East China Sea, the directions insist that you jet ski rather than kayak.
      • Ask Google Maps for walking directions from "the Shire" to "Mordor" and the resulting page tells you to use caution as one does not simply walk into Mordor.
    • Then there's the one with about nine hundred U-turns.
    • Google Moon used to turn the map into cheese on the closest zoom-in.
03:09:33 PM Jun 16th 2011
Is this still a Self-Demonstrating Article, or has the Easter Egg been removed?
05:27:34 PM Aug 11th 2011
what's the Easter egg?! I MUST KNOW!
04:09:03 PM Aug 18th 2011
The main article does not have an Easter Egg. The laconic entry is the one that self-demonstrates.
04:19:41 PM Aug 18th 2011
edited by Insignificant
EDIT: I added self-demonstration to the main article. By the way the laconic entry has not one, but TWO Easter Eggs.
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