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01:33:22 PM Nov 14th 2017

  • Star Wars:
    • In The Phantom Menace, the title can either refer to Darth Maul (a mysterious Sith assassin), Palpatine (a Manipulative Bastard who is slowly taking control of the galaxy, while pretending to be a kind politician), or even Anakin himself (who is a "phantom" of the menace that he will be as Vader).
    • In Attack of the Clones, the title could mean the Grand Army of the Republic having their trial by fire in the Battle of Geonosis, or it could mean the appearance of the clone army spelling bad times to come for the galaxy.
    • In Revenge of the Sith, the title could mean the Sith Order getting their revenge on the Jedi by destroying them as the Jedi once did to them, or the revenge of Emperor Palpatine in particular on the Jedi.
    • In A New Hope, the title can refer to the stolen Death Star plans giving hope to the struggling Rebellion, or to the Skywalker twins being a new hope for the galaxy.
    • In The Empire Strikes Back, the title could be read as the counterattack of the Imperial fleet on Echo Base to get revenge for the disastrous Battle of Yavin, or more generally as Darth Vader demoralizing the Rebel cause by capturing Han Solo and defeating Luke Skywalker.
    • In Return of the Jedi, the title can refer to Luke Skywalker returning to his home planet of Tatooine at the beginning; to the return of the Jedi in general to the galaxy (since it's implied that Luke will start a new Jedi Order after the events of the film), and Anakin Skywalker's return to his true self at the end.
    • In The Force Awakens, the title could be referring to the return of the Force in the Galaxy after several decades, as well as Rey's budding but strong Force abilities.

None of these are really examples. Most of the double meanings are basically referring to the same thing. And the Phantom Menace is about Palpatine. Anakin isn't menacing anyone himself yet.
02:03:37 PM Apr 14th 2011
I wonder if my story's title is an example: it's called Capillary, and the title refers to how something that's very small can play a major role in our lives, the same way the titular blood vessels are important in circulating blood by carrying oxygen and nutrients. The second reason? It gets very, very messy (blood being a prominent recurring theme in the work itself).
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