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08:13:14 PM Jan 12th 2016
edited by Kuruni
Ok, I just removed the Films — Live Action folder. Since that might considered as major edit, and my edit reason mess up anyway, I'm post the reason behind it here.

There were three entries there.

11:31:06 AM May 21st 2013
Uh, why was this trope re-formatted to mean "Anti-villainous magical female rival"? Because that seems way too specific to happen outside of Magical Girl animes and the SMT series, and will get way too little attention.
09:22:32 AM Sep 23rd 2012
edited by lu127
This has a lot of Zero Context Examples. Pulling them until they get some context.

09:22:33 AM Sep 28th 2012
I can only talk about the ones I clearly remember, so.

  • Karen from Sally the Witch? Very much so. She was cast away from Astoria as a little girl alongside her evil father, was poisoned with hate bt said father, returned with a big grudge against Sally herself, attempted to separate her from her human friends via her black magic, was less purely evil and much more EXTREMELY bitter and hurt over being alone for years, Sally defeated her with both her magic and The Power of Friendship, AND she ultimately had a Heel–Face Turn.

  • Yugi from Tenchi in Tokyo. I'd say she counts too. She was an Artficial Human created for experiments, had few idea of how the world worked as well as how much she hurt others with her powers, was sealed away by an Empress as the only solution despite how she was terrified of darkness and isolation, grew VERY bitter and brewed a plan to conquer the Universe (which involved creating Sakuya to break havoc among Tenchi and his Unwanted Harem among other things), befriended Sasami who became her Morality Pet (to the point of deliberately keeping her outta her plans, and then kidnapping her to keep her by her side), and to defeat Yugi Tenchi had to reason with her instead of killing her.

Therefore I'll pull Karen and Yugi back, providing the context as well. Sorry for any inconvenience. (I'd also re-add Lutecia, but I haven't seen Striker S in a while, so I can't do it right now.)
10:11:53 AM Sep 28th 2012
Looks much better than before. Thank you!
04:26:00 AM Oct 23rd 2010
The opening of this article seems awkwardly phrased and the word choice kind of neuters its impact — it's something that seems quotable but it really isn't a very good quote.

"A young girl's greatest fear isn't monsters. It isn't evil. It isn't even death.

Her greatest fear is to be alone."

seems a lot better to me.
12:01:23 AM Aug 2nd 2012
Since you posted this, the intro has been reworked entirely. I think that was a mistake — the original version is one of the most memorable descriptions on the site, and not only did it get a Made of Win, it's been quoted pretty often around the net. On the other hand, you have a point about the wording. I've come up with a new version that I think is a good compromise.
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