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Ununnilium: Would wossname from Buffy count here? The other Slayer?

Dark Sasami: Faith? I would say yes. And I oughtta know.

Scifantasy: I've fixed up the entries for Faith both here and in Dark Action Girl. Frankly, Faith seems to me to split the difference.

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—This is not a fan fic, but I'm not sure what to call it. Any suggestions? —Staren

—It's one of that odd category of fanfic-inspired original stories, that are mostly written by fanfic writers. Stefan calls it fanfic, to my knowledge. —Croaker''

No, I consider it original fiction. Subgenre work, yes, but not based in the universe of any specific anime, especially not Sailor Moon. —Stefan Gagne
Seth: That image seems off, it distracts from the main article because of its position and size.

Looney Toons: <shrug> Feel free to edit or nuke it as you see fit.

Seth: That one works better

Ununnilium: On the one hand, Fate definitely looks more like a DMG; on the other hand, position and size? This one's even bigger!

Looney Toons: Yeah, I was going to say... Pot, kettle, apparent reflectivity index?

Seth: The other image made the text look off, this one is actually a little bigger but it doesn't. I've worked out its more or less a crapshoot if a picture looks good anyway.

Ununnilium: Personally, I'd replace it with another picture of Fate, one with less explosions and more angst.

Seth: We have a few to choose from, i got about six images (One is a good one of the two of them fighting) and this was the one I thought worked best (If not just that the black background helps set the tone of the page). Want me to post them here so we can pick out the best one?

Ununnilium: Sure.

Seth: These are the images i gathered (I needed them for the AGP on Megatokyo) If we use them then of course they will be clipped and shrunk.

(Will remove them once we have picked one)

  • 1-This one is very angsty and i could edit out the border first
  • 2-Conflict with the normal Magical Girl - good for the contrast
  • 3-Not very angsty
  • 4-Power scene
  • 5-Another angsty shot
  • 6-I like this one a lot but the cape obscures her a bit. Defiantly one of my favourites
  • 7- And the one i used
  • I chose seven because of all of them it was the most flashy, it showed off all her costume (An important part of the DMG) and her elemental based attack.
  • 6 and 1 are good as well but 6 doesn't show off enough of the costume for my liking and 1 needs some major editing. 2 is also good but a bit small and i dislike square images in the wiki, they always look a little off.
  • 4 is usable but i dont know what is going on with the purple squares
  • 5 is a decent picture as well, clipped and resised it should work well.
My vote goes to 7 or 6.

Ununnilium: I say 6, definitely.

Seth: It will be up tonight, i have lectures in a bit so i will resize it and post it after. >>later: Done and done, looks pretty snazzy. I was able to make it 200px without mangling the quality unlike the last one so woot.

Ununnilium: Perfect!

Bob: It's good that the image is still here after The Great Crash.

Bob: This question was lost in The Great Crash and I forgot about it until now. Shana and Margery Daw from Shakugan no Shana. Do they qualify as this? They have some aspects of this.

Also, I'm not sure if Meia is a good example.

Yeah, Meia is neither Dark nor a Magical Girl

Haven: I'm rather surprised the word "woobie" doesn't show up in this article anywhere, some of these examples certainly seem like it.