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08:37:54 PM Apr 15th 2013
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I'm kind of confused by the image-I feel that the Mona Lisa isn't scary at all.

12:44:18 AM Apr 16th 2013
Scroll to the bottom of the page so that the image is off your screen. Then scroll up again and look closely. Do this a few times.

Notice anything?
02:55:24 PM Jun 11th 2013
O G Od that's not funny Oh God O God O God.
04:48:09 AM Aug 22nd 2013
That's honestly terrifying. Kudos to whoever did that.
08:37:13 AM Aug 25th 2013
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Now imagine that with an image of a Weeping Angel. But that'll be too scary.
03:33:29 AM Aug 26th 2013
Can I ask how they managed that? I'm assuming it's javascript.
03:52:21 AM Aug 26th 2013
Yes, it's Javascript. You can find the list of image UR Ls it's working from in the page source.

The script was originally used on TVT for last year's Halloween prank — avatars in the forum looked normal at first, but when you scrolled back over them they changed to a random scary image.
06:11:32 PM Aug 9th 2014
fuck that is scary
02:11:12 AM Aug 10th 2014
Yep, it is after all on a page called Creepy Changing Painting.
09:22:02 AM Aug 28th 2014
I just jumped in the middle of class so you know thanks for that
10:42:41 PM Nov 18th 2014
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Now will that trick work on any page, or just one with the same markup language as TV Tropes? Will it work on Wordpress, for example?
08:00:02 AM Nov 19th 2014
It's part of TV Tropes. Wordpress uses a different basal HTML, I think.
10:34:49 PM Aug 19th 2015
So what is it? I'm not going to try it.
01:22:00 AM Aug 20th 2015
Your question is fairly unclear. What is what?
12:19:56 PM Apr 6th 2016
Just wanted to say that in a website full of brilliant things, the page image here is a cut above.
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