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02:31:13 AM Oct 13th 2014
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Removed the Fire Emblem Thracia 776 example. From the sound of it, and in absence of any context which might indicate otherwise, the character being tortured had crippling entomophobia. Putting bugs on someone with crippling entomophobia could literally make them faint from terror. It is on the same level as torturing a Trypanophobic person with syringes.
12:07:35 PM Feb 13th 2012
The "Transformers Prime" example skirts into 'What Do You Mean It's Not Heinous?' territory: scratch a person's skin badly, you can draw blood; if you do it with something that could burn or worse, you could infect or have the scratchee need grafts.

Might be semi-comedic since as a mechanical being, new metal parts can be made but I'm reminded of "Cosmic Rust" from the "Transformers Generation 1" where Megatron got a piece of rock imbeded in himself. Once Starscream removed it, faint rust was shown. Cut to a few scenes later when Megatron's a few moments from falling apart due to the Cosmic Rust the rock was infected with...
01:26:49 PM Sep 18th 2011
Removed the example of "gang raping" a woman for adultery in the real life section. Posting that in the "cool and unusual punishment" trope page is a disgusting trivialisation of rape, and potentially harmful to survivors.
03:24:40 PM Mar 27th 2011
Removed the example of Fake!Moody's bouncing ferret!Draco on the floor because that's just straight-up physical abuse.
02:26:31 AM Mar 23rd 2011
We also need some details here — a quote doesn't provide details. Also — please don't pothole work titles, we've got a general reading audience and the reader may not be familar with the work in question.

02:25:31 AM Mar 23rd 2011
Here we need a work title and some details.
  • Eragon's threat to the soldier at Gil'ead in the first book. That is all.
04:04:50 PM Mar 13th 2011
Maybe its just me, but I dont think that a Place Worse Than Death would be a Cool and Unusual Punishment. A Cool and Unusual Punishment, is, like, being forced to listen to four hours of Yoko Ono. A punishment Played for Laughs. As the name implies, a Place Worse Than Death is, well...a Fate Worse than Death, obviously.
01:55:21 PM Jan 20th 2011
06:19:28 AM May 31st 2010
Removed, I don't think it's an example (they threaten to hang and kill him):
  • In Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, after Pee-Wee knocks over a row of motorcycles belonging to a biker gang, this exchange takes place:
    Lead biker: I say, we kill him.
    Rest of the gang: Yeah!
    Biker #2: I say we hang him then we kill him.
    Rest of the gang: Yeah!
    Biker #3: I say we stomp him!
    Gang: Yeah!
    Biker #3: Then we tattoo him!
    Gang: Yeah!
    Biker #3: Then we hang him!
    Gang: Yeah!
    Biker #3: And then we kill him!
    Gang: Yeah!
    Pee-Wee (in a tiny voice): I say we let him go.
    Biker gang: NO!
03:29:49 PM Aug 23rd 2010
Sounds like a valid removal to me,
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