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01:53:14 PM Jun 18th 2014
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I'm confused, why is this trope YMMV? It seems pretty unambiguous.
02:26:12 PM Jun 18th 2014
Never mind, I guess all shipping is treated as audience reaction.
04:04:55 AM Nov 9th 2015
I could argue it as having some serious Squick elements, such as the reaction I had when I heard about the woman in Seattle 'marrying' a building and (Brain Bleach time) tried VERY HARD not to think about how she would "consummate" the relationship... (Yes, I have a very filthy mind, but Even Perverts Have Standards...)
06:37:38 PM Jun 18th 2012
I'm seeing futurama examples with robots that have personalities and the ability to move, so aren't those robots animate? is that Trope Decay?
10:20:40 PM May 7th 2011
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Question: Does "do not pothole work titles" mean "do not pothole external links to the fan works mentioned" or "do not pothole links to the work's TV Tropes article"? It's rather ambiguous.
11:19:43 PM May 7th 2011
I think it means "make the work title visible instead of just listing the ship and potholing it to the work page".
04:58:52 PM Apr 29th 2011
Lackadaisy seems to have some new Cargo ships popping up. The main one being Mordecai and his iron. Or Moron as it is known as now.
05:54:07 AM Feb 24th 2011
Is a Boomerang x Sokka x Sword One True Threesome Cargo Ship out there?
05:46:27 PM Jul 29th 2010
Shouldn't this trope discus CANON cargo ships? I love fanfic too, but Jesus Christ, if you're gonna include non-canonical ships there'll be literally no end to this crap. Seriously. Look at some of the retarded ships being listed. Many of them are clearly jokes, like the Draco x Goblet thing. Seriously? A freaking one-liner which by the way is even flat-out admitted to be an intentional warping of the original sentence (something about Draco banging the goblet on the table)?
09:23:12 PM Mar 20th 2011
I agree 100%. I noticed this was a YMMV trope and was confused, but then I come in and saw that it was almost all fanfic stuff. I mean if we wanna keep this as fanficy nonsense there ought to be a page for the canon ones too. (even something as lax as Canon Cargo Ship)
02:45:42 PM May 18th 2012
I think we need a separate folder for canon.
07:01:44 AM Jul 9th 2010
Were is Buzz x Jessie?
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