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01:40:09 AM May 5th 2015
Suggestion to remove the Touhou entry from this page. While Touhou does have a huge cast of girls, it is absolutely not a fanservice laden franchise designed to appeal to male otaku audiences.
12:04:03 PM Sep 20th 2012
edited by jkbeta
I'm unsure if some of the examples qualify, to wit:

- Fruits Basket: It's shoujo and there are a lot of guys with major roles in it. In other words, it contradicts everything in the first paragraph of the trope description.

- Katawa Shoujo: Ok, there are two possible answers here. We could either state that many HGames and/or VisualNovels are Bishoujo works (which is kinda correct, I think... see, e.g., the Key/Visual Arts things) or, alternatively, judge it on its own merits. In that case, it may or may not qualify - while the focus is, as per genre, mainly on the girls, I wouldn't actually call it fanservice-centric, and the (lampshaded!) gender ratio is more like 60:40, which doesn't really sound like Improbably Female Cast.

ETA: Some of the other works also count as Harem Genre. Do we consider these as distinct, SisterTropes, SuperTrope and SubTrope?
04:31:35 PM Sep 20th 2012
To your latter point, I think they are distinct; they just overlap frequently due to the nature of harem series.

To your former point, Fruits Basket can probably go. I was fairly involved in the TRS thread that resulted in the current state of the page and I am admittedly not familiar with it, hence when pruning the page I gave it the benefit of the doubt. I'll trust your judgment on it. As for Katawa Shoujo, either way would be fine IMO.
10:36:54 AM Sep 21st 2012
I'll leave Katawa Shoujo around for the time being. It kinda fits the description (although it's not exactly a fanservice fest). Actually, going over the examples, a lot of works only fit this genre incidentially, I think:

- Maria-sama ga Miteru is Shoujo again (it ran in Cobalt magazine, and if my attempts at deciphering Japanese are correct, that is a girl's magazine according to Japanese Wikipedia). I'll pull it.

- To Love-Ru is a Harem Genre series, AFAICT. Overlap again.

Not sure about the others (the only thing I've seen apart from the stuff mentioned in the first post are Azumanga Daioh, which somewhat fits, and Excel Saga).
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