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09:32:05 AM Apr 1st 2013
What's This Very Wiki doing this year? Last year, we had the "home page changes language" thing, but I don't see anything this year. Are we just not into the holiday spirit?
09:46:23 AM Apr 1st 2013
This year there's only changes on the TV Tropes Forum, and those are minor ones. Threads about it: Wiki Talk and Yack Fest. What's being done:
  • The moderators have all changed their avatars to Agent Smith from The Matrix. This is in some ways reminiscent of what they did last year.
  • The location on your post is randomised to one of these references, which we're currently trying to track down.
01:03:33 AM Jan 25th 2013
Cartoon Network: "One year they ran the same Screwy Squirrel cartoon for twelve hours straight."

I think that was 1997. CN had just started running Thunder Cats a short while before, and I was recording it while I was at work. And my mother had left my father the November before.
03:37:53 PM Oct 15th 2011
Now that we have April Fools' Plot, should the Fictional Examples be moved there?
04:32:02 AM Mar 6th 2011
The usually serious semi-horror comic "Grimm Fairy Tales" has TWO April Fools' Day issues:

2009: Red Riding Hood is the "girl who got around" (leading to a combination Brain Bleach and "My Grandma What Incredible Hotness You Have" moment), Hansel is a boy who wants to dance, Jack and the Giant are having a "bromance", Rumplestiltskin (aka "The Rump Wrangler") is the town drug dealer (the girl in the story has to help her prince move 100 million crowns of "pot" in just 5 days), and Cinderella is hearing voices in her head telling her to kill.

2010: Does wicked warped takes on The Pied Piper, Sleeping Beauty (who lapsed into a sleep brought on by booze), Beauty and the Beast (ending: the Beast, unable to regain human form, takes the 50-Cent and Eminem route and releases an urban music album called "Goldcrowndigger" which gets his fortune back and allows him to relocate to Vegas, surrounded by "mad bitches"), and "Snooki White and the Jersey Dwarves" among other things.

They take a lot of the art, and redo the dialogue, putting in a new final page with art to make it more like a Josh Apitow or Will Ferrell romp.

This troper has to admit he loved the humor and couldn't stop laughing at a few bits (instead of the Queen offering Rumplestiltskin her firstborn to settle her debt, she offers herself to him so he can MAKE her firstborn—the King "was into guys more than gals." The midwife, seeing her son, teases "You were visited by a horny little troll" and the Queen only laughs, "They don't call him the 'Rump Wrangler' for nothing.").

It was a very humorous take on what might have been a dark comic indeed.
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