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03:03:18 AM Jan 14th 2014
"The Vamp: Fanny Dashwood. The woman is a work of art. She talks her husband out of fulfilling his father's Last Request to Take Care of the Kids. Then she treats them with all sorts of coldness and contempt because they're living in what is now her house. Then she resents them for taking their own staff with them when they move out. She even resents the fact that they take their own belongings with them!"

How does this fit The Vamp? Fanny is never even played by an attractive actress?
08:34:19 AM Sep 16th 2012
re: potholing the It's All About Me example to Status Quo Is God

Status Quo Is God is about how, in a series, no significant changes ever happen (or if they do happen, don't last) so that the series premise can stay the same from episode to episode.

Sense and Sensibility is not a series. It's a single work, in which significant changes occur between the beginning and the end, and there are no Snap Backs or Reset Buttons, because there is no series premise that needs to be preserved.

I honestly cannot see how anybody could consider Sense and Sensibility an example of Status Quo Is God, let alone a "perfect example".
09:03:28 PM Sep 16th 2012
Status Quo Is God is about a series, and Sense and Sensibility is not a series? That was your objection? It doesn't need to be a series. Status Quo Is God has an example section full of examples from film, literature and other media.

It's not really an issue to me, so we'll keep it that way if you prefer. But at least read the pages you're objecting to before you edit them out.
10:33:12 PM Sep 16th 2012
Examples from film series, like Star Trek and Godzilla, and literary series, like The Wheel of Time and the Red Dwarf novels.

I have read the trope page. I'm really beginning to wonder if you have.
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