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10:32:00 PM Jul 20th 2013
Moved from Literature. Doesn't seem to be a valid example, though..

By any means, if you re-add it, no natter and follow Example Indentation.

  • The Crucible probably wouldn't have resulted in a Downer Ending if Elizabeth said to the court that Proctor cheated on her. Abigail along with the girls would have been thrown out of the court, and no one would've been hanged. Instead, the honest woman lies, resulting in Abigail proven innocent, and eventually Proctor's death. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!.
    • Not quite a case of the Idiot Ball- she had no idea who mentioned the affair or why she was being brought in to the trial- if it was Abigail, then John was standing accused and telling the truth could get him locked up or hanged; if it was John (and it was), then it was a desperate attempt to end the madness by exposing the lead accuser as a liar and a slut and undermining her credibility. The judge has her dragged in and refuses to let her so much as look at her husband, or anyone else, never mind tell her what this was all about. She gambled that it was Abigail (since this was the best-case scenario; if it was John he was damned either way), and the gamble failed. But a Witch Hunt is pretty damn stressful at the best of times, when you aren't pregnant and you and your friends and husband aren't facing the noose because the whole town has gone mad.
      • For the record, in Real Life this particular subplot never happened. Not least because Abigail was 12, and John Proctor was not Daniel Day-Lewis.
02:22:02 AM Jul 21st 2013
Indeed — it's not an example, for the reasons explained by the second-level bullet. The third-level one is pure natter.
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