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09:35:57 PM May 9th 2014
Any room to mention the Dawson Casting of Kim Darby in the original? Mattie is supposed to be 14, but Darby was 22 when she played the role. The only reason I didn't just go ahead and add it was because it said "both films and the book are examples of..." Is it usual practice to lump them all together like that? Because there was no Dawson Casting in the 2010 version (Hailee Steinfeld was 14 exactly).
12:52:03 AM May 10th 2014
You can specify that it was only in the original.
01:50:30 PM Jan 30th 2014
Spank the Cutie is being split into Comedic Spanking and Kinky Spanking. (I'm doing the clean-up and I haven't watched the linked vid to see which one fits.)

  • Spank the Cutie: LaBoeuf whips Mattie after she crosses the river to get to them. For unknown reasons (a censored TV version?) nobody remembers this scene being in the 1969 film. It is, though.
06:54:30 AM Jun 3rd 2013
About His Tongue In The Rain, do we have any idea if he's a Choctaw or what? It might be nice to describe him with more specificity than "Native American".
01:00:42 AM Mar 3rd 2013
I know that work pages are supposed to go under namespaces, but why is this under film? It was a book first, even if the film versions are probably more famous (sadly). What is the policy for pages that cover multiple media? Is it worth splitting off the book to its own page to keep things consistent?
02:03:09 AM Mar 3rd 2013
Technically, the page should be namespaced to the medium where it originated — Literature/. However, many pages are namespaced to the medium they are most famous in — Film/, here — and that's acceptable. If you'd like to split the book off into its own page, do go ahead.
04:57:12 AM Mar 3rd 2013
I might do just that. I'll probably want to reread it first, though.
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