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01:06:10 PM May 31st 2012
edited by JusticeReaper
Yes, we all agree that MK:A was a crappy movie. However, thinking back on it nowadays, I've come up with several ways in which they could have made it better than what we wound up with. Listed below:
  • Raiden could have just fried the hell out of Kahn in the opening battle.
  • Raiden could have just killed the generals like he threatened to do, instead of picking up the Idiot Ball.
  • Sonya could have stayed on her guard instead of allowing Kahn to grab her by the legs with his whip. Which in turn would have prevented Johnny Cage's death.
  • The production team and directors could have put off Johnny's death until later in the film and at least showcased one or two decent fight scenes beforehand.
  • All the characters, including and especially the bad guys, could have been made far less of Large Hams in favor of actual characterization.
  • Kahn's Quirky Miniboss Squad could have (SHOULD have, even) consisted of Motaro, Ermac, and Sheeva. That's it. Sindel could have been relegated to a mostly non-active role (except for a confrontation with Kitana, like in the games).
  • There was no need to have Shinnok, or the "six-day deadline," or The Reveal of Shinnok, Raiden and Kahn being related to each other, or all that stupidity.
  • Other characters who didn't need to be in the movie: Smoke, Scorpion, Cyrax, Mileena, and Rain. (Though granted, if Scorpion wasn't in it, we wouldn't have gotten one of the movie's better fights—him versus Younger Sub-Zero.)
  • Kabal and Stryker didn't need to be mentioned—hell, they weren't even shown on-screen!
  • Jade could have been given a better introduction and NOT be revealed as The Mole (in the games, she was on the good guys' side, albeit initially conflicted about whether to capture Kitana or disobey Kahn).
  • So, uh, what happened to those skills Liu Kang used in the first movie? Y'know, the bicycle kick he used against Reptile and the fireball against Shang Tsung. How come those weren't in the sequel?
  • Okay, we know Scorpion's an Ensemble Darkhorse and all from the games, but there he was never really a bad guy—just a wild card with his own agenda each game. So why's he working for Shao Kahn? Either the scriptwriters Did Not Do The Research or They Just Didn't Care.
    • Adding to that, the scene where Scorpion kidnaps Kitana...didn't need to be there. Okay, Kitana, you know Kahn's forces are going to be hunting you—we'd think you wouldn't have picked up the Idiot Ball and let yourself become a Damsel in Distress.
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