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09:32:28 PM Nov 21st 2012
edited by Gesshoku
I would like to recoommend Chash123's "Fate: Chaos" fanfiction on fanfiction.net. Summary: Instead of allowing fate to run its usual course, the corrupted Holy Grail decides to mix things up a bit. This one action will throw the Fourth Holy Grail War, and fate itself, into utter chaos. Inspired by The Infamous Man's "Fate: Zero Sense". While not as detailed on the fight scenes as some other stuff I've read, "Fate: Chaos" has been an enjoyable read.
12:13:21 AM Nov 22nd 2012
Then add it yourself. The template is on the main Fan Fic Recommendations page.
10:46:00 AM Nov 22nd 2012
edited by lu127
Is it a Fate/Zero fic? If so, you should add it to FanficRecs.Fate Zero.
10:38:51 AM Nov 5th 2012
This natter was in The World Without recommendation. I can't be sure what the person in question ultimately thinks of the fic, so I'll leave it here for him in case he wants to convert it to the review format.

  • Caellach Tiger Eye: It's well-written, but for me impossible to enjoy thanks to the aforementioned characterisation of Illya - I honestly couldn't move past the first chapter knowing what would come next with her, particularly since she's my favourite character. I understand that perspective, but as an Illya fan I cannot help fundamentally protesting to her being portrayed without the slightest sympathy, particularly given the base behind her character. I'd rather read a Dark Fic version of this with Illya redeeming herself much later on, possibly as The Atoner, as opposed to ... well, as opposed to what we actually get here. That's just me giving what I feel is a much-needed thumbs-down, but perhaps others will feel differently, so don't let my opinion tarnish your free will.
    • It is an accurate characterisation of Ilya, though, given the situation. And, there's nothing anywhere which says she can't redeem herself at a later date, especially given that Shirou seems to be waking up. Also, I don't think Ilya is being portrayed "without sympathy", the writer is just assuming we've already played the game (or, at least, seen the anime) and thus know what she's really like. It's hard to write her as sympathetic from that scenario without basically rehashing the backstory we've already been given by the game.
    • You're jumping the gun, Tiger. The story is one that favors the slow burn, and the latest chapter seems like it might finally be edging toward giving Illya a Heel Realization. In fact, the story appears to be heading down the path you described, so why don't you give it some time before you start complaining?
    • C.T.E.: Well, I can admit when I'm wrong about something. Having looked at the recent chapters, I must take back my hesitation regarding this fic (which I've started now to read and enjoy very much. I will, however, state that calling Ilya's depiction "unsympathetic" isn't exactly accurate, especially Chapter 11 (where Shirou learns of her past and is horrified); so my gripe wasn't so much with the story, but with the original "Recommender" having mis-advertised it's depiction of Ilya (I'd assumed she was being given the Ron the Death Eater treatment, and after the first chapter can you blame me for complaining?) Also note that the story, while hopeful, does get dark at times (it's the first story I've seen which kills of Taiga). But overall, I've come to deeply respect this story - among other things, it has the most satisfying Karmic Death of Shinji Matou that I've ever seen.
01:03:56 PM Aug 13th 2012
The Loli Grail War should definitely be removed. It violates the No Paedophilia rule.
06:11:05 PM Jan 5th 2011
Stevethe Corn Muffin continually attempts to sabotage the In Flight recommendation. Can someone do something about him?
06:29:03 PM Jan 5th 2011
Yeah, Steve, whilst I entirely agree with you that it's a shit fic and that the author doesn't have a clue how to characterise Shirou, if we were supposed to delete fics from the list on the grounds of being shit, then I would have deleted about 50% of the ones currently listed, because some of the fics listed on here are bloody awful. However, this is simply a page for people to recommend fics that they like, regardless of quality. If you don't like them, then just don't recommend them, and take note of the person doing the recommending so that you know not to trust their judgement in the future.
11:19:05 PM Apr 16th 2012
As far as I understood, it was to recommend fanfics that were believed by enough people to be in the small classification of good fics, since it quotes Sturgeon's Law at the top and claims it shows some of the other 10%. Of course, under this definition your proposed changes would probably be reverted immediately, considering that In Flight is (to me, and as far as I can tell to a good portion of others) one of the better fics on the page, though it does have a somewhat lackluster start. And though this might not be the place for this, nor do I expect you to ever see this anyway, I'd love to know what specific criticisms you have against his characterization, since only one element really grates on me and it's not all that severe an issue.
07:11:10 AM Dec 22nd 2012
edited by Cherry_Lover
The problem is that it's impossible to define which fics fit that classification, because not everyone is going to agree if a fic is good or not. Especially in the case of a fic which rapes canon as thoroughly as Gabriel's fics tend to, but which are also mainly aimed at people who don't care about that.

As for In Flight, I honestly can't remember what my objection to it was now, since I don't read it because I don't like it. And, nor do I intend wasting my time trying to remember....