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05:49:46 AM Sep 22nd 2014
Bison from the Street Fighter games is mentioned but not Vega (Balrog/Claw)? I suppose there must be a lot more fans giving leather pants to the pretty, crazy assassin than putting them on the power hungry dictator? Vega began as one of the game's final bosses without any redeeming qualities except for the fact that he was Canonically Beautiful. Fans liked him (well, some did) so much even Capcom stuck the good old Freudian Excuse on him (step-dad abused and killed his mother, young Vega snapped and killed him in return which caused an immense trauma) , which made matters only worse (or better, depending on the perspective), because now it was canon. And then Capcom went further and made him save Cammy, which hints to some goodness left in him. What happened was that fanon became canon to an extent. For the most part he's still a bloodthirsty narcissist and not the mind-controlled or misunderstood pretty boy sometimes fans want him to be. So, does having an excuse and random acts of kindness exclude from fitting this trope?
10:24:19 AM May 14th 2011
Ok seriously, am I the only one sick of people screaming that Rufus and the Turks are worse than Hitler? The former does a Heel-Face Turn and the latter are the poster people for Punch Clock Villain. Get over it.
05:09:17 AM Sep 22nd 2014
In Advent Children they really go through a Heel-Face Turn, that doesn't change what they did during FF VII. Because in AC they all look great, suddenly fans seem to very easily accept the change and tend to forget the previous events. Because of the H-F Turn I'm just not sure how much they still qualify as pure DILP material, but I feel that they do. I've lost count of how many drawing and fics I've seen about how cute, sweet, funny, adorable, oh so kawaii! Reno is, completely ignoring the fact that he's yet to manifest any sort of remorse, regret or even acknowledgement about setting a bomb that destroyed part of the city, killing lots of people. We never got his motivations in FF VII and we still don't get them in AC; like you say, he's a Punch Clock Villain, but because he looks good fans will either ignore what happened or find all sorts of Freudian Excuses.