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03:24:58 PM Feb 26th 2013
I'm thinking maybe it's time to make a "Trivia" subpage.

The following things would in that case be moved to trivia (I think; I didn't do a thorough check):

I am aware that Administrivia.What Goes Where On The Wiki says that trivia for creators can go on their main pages, and that there's no sense in splitting the pages. However, Administrivia.Creator Page Guidelines states that it is okay to put the trivia on the "Trivia" subpage, "as appropriate".

I'm inclined to agree with the latter, especially since there is so much trivia.

What do you think?
07:35:47 PM Jan 28th 2013
Running gag: "He touched the butt" in The Incredibles, Brave, and Finding Nemo.
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