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11:52:57 PM Apr 4th 2017
edited by ArcaneAzmadi
Are you fucking kidding me? The YMMV page for Konami was deleted? Let me guess, it was "getting too negative"? So LOCK it, like is done for other pages that attract negativity or controversy like Seltzer and Friedberg. Don't just delete it! And frankly, if there's one company that deserves a sound thrashing, it's Konami (I think it's actively disgusting that we retain a "gush" page for a company that hasn't done anything not-shit for almost a decade but censor the ENTIRE YMMV page, which is basically almost half of any work or creator page, just because it's "negative").
03:04:08 PM Apr 8th 2017
Agreed, Konami does deserve some dressing-down. Unfortunately, I don't know how one would restore a deleted page... perhaps ask a mod?
10:31:04 PM Nov 17th 2013
Why is Yugioh listed under licensed games, doesn't Konami own Yugioh?
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