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08:06:37 PM Dec 19th 2013
Just saw FLAG 254, methinks it's now proper to consolidate Nikaidou's and Dokurou's respective entries into one...
07:52:06 AM Aug 10th 2013
Somebody moved Tenri and Haqua into the protagonists section without discussion. Thoughts?
03:41:42 PM Aug 24th 2013
On the one hand, Tenri and Haqua are relatively significant recurring characters. For the Goddesses arc, Haqua even counts as a full fledged protagonist. On the other hand, Tenri is still just a recurring character as opposed to a main star, and Haqua quickly gets shoved even further into the background before that arc is even over. So... I'm on the fence.
01:01:39 PM Jul 10th 2013
Does anyone else feel that we should start splitting the cast page into different sections soon? Some of the folders, especially the Capture Targets folder, are starting to get rather large.
06:50:07 PM Sep 26th 2013
edited by
Well, I agree. The last edit (as of 9/27/2013) is ridiculously long already. All thanks to the developments of the manga AND the recently-concluded 3rd season...

EDIT: Just saw the recent characters page. That was quick... ^^
02:52:33 AM Jan 2nd 2013
edited by CelPrevZero
Permission to add X Meets Y Entry on Keima's Profile:

X Meets Y: Lelouch Lamperouge or Light Yagami meets Haruhi Suzumiya and the Otaku-ness of Konata Izumi...

Proof of sorts:
11:50:04 AM Oct 4th 2012
Where should we place Urara Shiratori?
07:24:51 PM Aug 31st 2012
Where should we put The Mysterious Girl/Dokurou; the Capture Targets or the Others folder?
05:31:55 AM Mar 17th 2012
If Keima is The Spock, which characters would be The Kirk and which characters would be The McCoy?
12:55:13 PM Feb 14th 2012
edited by Sidapa
Should we include a folder for the Light Novel characters? One of them, Asami Yoshino, made multiple cameos in the manga and the anime.
02:51:49 PM Feb 9th 2012
Given her recent prominence in helping Keima, should Haqua be moved to the Protagonist section under Elsiee?
03:54:17 PM Nov 8th 2011
For Chihiro, would the second tab under Fridge Brilliance be better put as Continuity Nod?

And would her line in Flag 165 "This is... my first time [kissing,]" be considered a Wham Line?
09:30:30 AM Apr 17th 2011
Does Keima count as a Teen Genius?
01:20:30 AM Sep 24th 2010
Okay, seriously, I know this page can contain unavoidable spoilers, but the whole Kanon to the Goddess section was rediculous. One of the big reveals, so easily spoiled.

I've split the two (Kanon and Apollo) and put Kanon back to capture targets.

Just because we have a warning that some spoilers are unavoidable doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

Tenri/Diana is one thing, becasue she strated the whole Goddess thing.

This is different; splitting the two allows the secret to be kept intact and the page sectioning too.

01:19:41 PM Sep 24th 2010
The page has always contained spoilers and visitors to the page have always been fairly warned. Akari being moved to the demon section is arguably an equally huge spoiler and yet you are not up in arms about that, ergo you are trying to impose an arbitrary change with no consistency at all.

Kanon and Apollo are now as inextricably linked as characters as Tenri and Diana. There are already tropes that play off of this dynamic. The bottom line is that the point of this page is to catalog and organize the tropes for the characters of this series. You are proposing to compromise that purpose for what amounts to personal preference.

The spoilers in the entry are already blacked out and the chapter is current. No one up to date with the series will be spoiled, and anyone who isn't knows exactly what they are getting into when they visit this page. This is consistent with the rest of the article and should remain so.
02:04:47 PM Sep 24th 2010
Actually, I was a little annoyed at the Akari change, but unlike The Goddesses, who had been introduced dozens of chapters earlier and had mass speculation about them, Akari was a comparitively short arc. This is a major difference.

What I'm saying is that unlike Diana and Tenri, who were introduced together and began the Goddeass hunt, Kanon and Apollo weren't. They can be successfully split. The whole 'tropes that play off this dynamic' argument is weak. Lots of tropes play off dynamics, and they can still be separated. By he way, which tropes listed under her right now play off the dynamic that don't make sense when I separated them?

Spoiling out Apollo's name is completely pointless when Kanon is in the Goddess section. You may as well completely unspoil everything about Apollo in the section if Kanon is going to be there in the first place.

The way I changed it continues to make sense, keeps the Goddess host a secret and maintains the split. It is a compromise, but only a small one. (Admittedly, I am coloured by personal preference, but this does not retract from my argument.)

Although yes, there is a warning for unavoidable spoilers, we should at least try to keep things secret if we can. Some things are unavoidable, (like Capture Targets). This one is not one of those things.
12:10:49 PM Sep 26th 2010
edited by ICHI
This discussion is beginning to become a constant reiteration of points, so this will be my last word on the subject unless someone else wishes to chime in. In short I think you're being short sighted—within a dozen chapters this will all be old news and Kanon and Apollo will be functionally no different than Tenri and Diana. Tropes like Meganekko already serve a secondary purpose of distinguishing between the two; there is no way to completely remove Apollo from Kanon's entry without losing that information.

The bottom line is that even if you separate Kanon's entry it is still impossible to wipe out any mention of her being the host. And if such spoilers are placed under spoiler tags in her otherwise innocuous entry, a casual reader might highlight it thinking it to be no more significant than any of the others. There is just as much potential to be spoiled that way.

Placing her under Jupiter Sisters actually benefits people who want to avoid spoilers—if they do not want to know the identity of the Jupiter Sisters they can simply skip over that entire section. If someone begins reading that section regardless, then they are voluntarily electing to know the identity of the Goddess' hosts.

So in conclusion, the change you propose will not prevent spoilers any more than the current setup, is inconsistent with other entries and indeed the rest of the article, and is solely a product of personal preference. It's a knee jerk reaction to a plot twist you found particularly interesting. Your preference is noted and appreciated, but it offers no objective benefit and several drawbacks to boot.
11:44:21 AM Sep 27th 2010
edited by Catt
So basically you are waiting until it reaches You Should Know This Already? Riiiight? Cause that's smart.

Try scrolling past the Goddess entry. You will spot Kanon's picture, even if you go past it very quickly. At least spoiler tags don't have that draw back. The argument that someone might stumble over it by accident applies to all enteries equally. By highlighting, you open yourself up to spoilers.

That said, I'm willing,(if with a small degree of reluctance) to leave it as it is, unless, like you, someone else adds in.

Though while I'm here, I do have to question the logic of placing her in the Goddess section and then spoilering everything related to the Goddess. If she's there in the first place, what's the point?

12:05:47 PM Sep 27th 2010
Actually, the folder function migates most problems I have.



See Demon and Goddess section

bit might not be good though.

She was a Capture target, so at least should be mentioned, but does now deserve the Goddess section. Redirection leaves a spoiler though.

I'm willing to bow to someone else's opinion on this easily.
12:49:47 PM May 18th 2011
I suggest we do that opposite. In the The Jupiter Sisters page we list list the Goddess name and spoil the girl name. We then move the girls to the Capture Targets folder and spoil everything related to the Goddess. A Genre Savy reader would may still get why so much spoiler, but it is better then the current format. The same treatment should apply to Akari.
12:00:54 PM Aug 11th 2011
I totally agree with Health here, the current system makes it impossible for Anime only people to see these tropes even if they are specifically trying to avoid it. If we just had a lot of spoiler tags under the Capture Targets folder it would be suspicious, but still much better than the current situation.
09:58:04 PM May 27th 2010
Am I the only one who thinks that the key Keima is holding in his picture on the Character's page looks a lot like a Keyblade? xD
04:38:23 AM May 28th 2010
But of course! Keima is the hero in the new FF galge series.

This is quite good Wild Mass Guessing stuff actually, maybe we're reading the manga from the game (which was never released, that's why there has been some game-industry episodes... and at one point he complains some galge he got has too much rpg in it)
04:59:31 AM Apr 7th 2010
Am I the only one here who was NOT happy with Jun forcing herself on Keima? Yeah, she needed that to release the spirit and everything, but an adult teacher forcing a teenage kid with obvious relationships problems... dunno, my Fridge Logic says it's not fun.

Argh, I really should not have re-read Kaminomi and Kodomo No Jikan on the same day.
11:25:02 AM Apr 7th 2010
edited by BishojoMeister
Isn't it the reverse of KnJ, with near-zero explicit sexuality?

My Real Life logic says it's immoral. But considering the light tone of the manga, I think can bear with it.

Also, lampshaded by Jun in her own 4koma.
11:46:07 AM Apr 8th 2010
edited by Gorkamorka
Actually I find Rin and Keima have a lot in common... they're both lonely children (by chance her, more or less by choice him) with severe relationship issues. Yeah, they're both cool and stuff, but... you know when sometimes you really wish to enter the manga to do something? Well, I really wish to give them a big hug and tell them that everything will come out all rigth.

To the tropes now: the problem I have is I always start editing the Hot for Student entry but always make a screaming mess, and cancel edit. Is someone a little less irked by the whole thing willing to flesh out a bit the entry?

edit: btw, Keima might not even be of legal age, it seems such things varies by district.
08:50:51 PM Apr 10th 2010
edited by BishojoMeister
If you want to know the legal age, you must ask yourself this question: Where is Maijima?
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