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05:49:22 PM Jun 8th 2017
The Chosen One should be listed as one of Christ's traits. Christians see him as being the fulfillment of the Jewish Prophecy of a Messiah rising from King David's bloodline. Likewise almost all Christian Denominations believe that he'll be The Chosen One again in the prophecy of The Second Coming.
09:53:26 PM Jun 4th 2016
I would say the trope Immortals Fear Death as a subversion, very much applys to Christ's character. He fears it for us, even though some of us don't. He understands perfectly well what it is - no heaven or hell but the Cessation of Existence. All biological processes and consciousness ends. But whenever he tries to think about it, he gets very emotional, nearly chokes up. Being the god of life, always existing, he cannot comprehend why anyone would not choose to be saved and live. When Lazarus died, he couldn't bring himself to say he was dead. As far as Christ is concerned, Living Forever Is Awesome.
01:50:24 AM Oct 16th 2015
Need to change a trope in Jonah's entry from Calling The Hero Out to What the Hell, Hero?.
02:19:05 AM Oct 17th 2015
Something for this page.
12:15:52 PM Jun 9th 2014
Can Rasputinian Death be added to Christ? Sure crucifixion is a Cruel and Unusual Death. The precedings - flogging, carrying a heavy cross - just made His suffering go one step further (anyone who saw The Passion of the Christ can attest).
10:18:18 AM Jun 3rd 2013

This trope was disambiguated, and this particular usage is no longer valid. If there's another trope that this usage fits more precisely, it can be added back using that trope.
03:50:04 AM Jun 24th 2013
Maybe it can be listed under Power Makes Your Hair Grow as an inversion, since Samson's long hair gave him strength, and not the other way around?
10:30:08 AM May 14th 2013
This is a branch off of the discussion in the Trope Repair Shop regarding Killed Off for Real.

In response to Fighteer:

Even if it's in the future, itís still present in a narrative sense. And I'm not bringing it up to support KOFR, I'm mentioning it as an argument that could be taken in both directions (IE: Someone could argue "revived=Death IS Cheap applies to this so KOFR doesnít apply to anyone in the old testament because they died before Jesus died" or counter argue against our wick cleanup with "People get perma killed during revelations so KOFR applies to this page").

It's not even my argument, I'm presenting the issues we could potentially face when editing the page.

07:18:53 AM Apr 4th 2013
Wouldn't God count as A God Am I?
06:29:27 PM Nov 21st 2013
  • When a character or villain gains superhuman abilities thanks to Green Rocks, nuclear power, Transhumanism, going One-Winged Angel, being Touched by Vorlons, having the power of Creating Life, or just achieving whatever his most desired dream is, he is left less than sane and often gains delusions (or, in some cases, perfectly accurate assessments) of godhood at the same time.

No, because God really is a god. He's not claiming to be one because he's Drunk on the Dark Side.
10:33:06 PM Nov 18th 2012
someone should add the incest is relative to the page since abraham and sarah were half siblings,lot impregnated his two daughters, and more than likely cain and seth married their sisters
06:16:48 PM May 27th 2012
There are Beyond The Impossible wicks here that need to be changed to Serial Escalation, and one removed.
12:55:11 AM May 28th 2012
You want this thread; discussion pages don't usually get noticed.
03:33:57 PM Jan 21st 2012
Erase ambiguous gender under God. He's referred to as male in The Bible.
08:31:51 AM Dec 8th 2011
  • Jesus Was Way Cool: Many people see Him as this, despite the fact that if he wasn't the messiah then he was quite frankly, a madman with a God complex.

Can someone give me a good explanation of how the hell this have managed to stay here after locking the page?
06:00:32 PM Jun 8th 2017
That's right. While the trope is accurate, the description is not.

A better definition would be as follows:

Jesus Was Way Cool: Many people who don't consider Jesus to be the Son of God still see him as this. Some believe that his teachings on mercy and compassion make up his (in their view) mistakenly considering himself a God, while others believe that Jesus never claimed to be divine and that he was misinterpreted by his followers. One major example are Muslims, who revere Jesus not as the Son of God but as a Messenger of God.
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