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06:04:36 PM Jan 17th 2017
Could [[Fighter, Mage, Thief]] fit for 3 of the 5 (Eliot, Hardison, and Parker )

12:16:34 AM May 5th 2013
Sterling never loses?

That seems like a bit of an Informed Ability, since quite a few of Nate's plans often involve purposely factoring in Sterling's characteristic bulldoggedness in trying to bring down Nate for something.

There are only really two occasions for which Nate can fairly be said to have been outmaneuvered badly by Sterling: The first time he appears, and the second time when Sterling's daughter is kidnapped and Sterling misleads Nate as to the true purpose of their "job".

It's more of a "compared to all the other guys who Nate triumphs over, Sterling manages to hold his own just enough to be able to mostly truthfully tell himself he was better."
04:45:43 PM Sep 11th 2011
Five-Man Band status: I seriously question the decision to make Parker the Chick and Sophie the Lancer. The Chick is the emotional and moral center to the group, the emotional center of the team, and the mother-figure. The Lancer is the one who's unpredictable, doesn't follow along with the rest of the team, and tends to do dangerous and crazy things at the drop of the hat. The sole reason for making Parker the Chick seems to be that she's emotionally vulnerable, which is... hardly something the Chick role has a trademark on.
10:56:32 PM Nov 30th 2011
Maybe so, but no matter how you slice it, Sophie's The Lancer. She's Nate's Number Two, keeps him on the wagon, and runs the team when he's gone. Parker's emotionally vulnerable, played like the youngest sister on the team, and in all other respects is essentially an Antiheroic Dark Chick. It works.
09:02:28 PM Apr 26th 2014
Why can't Sophie be The Lancer and The Chick, and Parker just...not be a trope?
02:36:05 AM Apr 27th 2014
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The tropes are not that compatible, and besides, The Chick is not "any woman". Also, that would not be a Five-Man Band then.
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