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10:46:35 PM Aug 18th 2016
Hello, If i want to add entry for Maginot manga characters, should i put it on manga spinoff or on rival schools?
10:41:51 AM Oct 11th 2016
I'd say in manga spinoffs, because they are manga-only. Fingers crossed we have to move them, because that would mean there's an anime featuring Eclair
07:49:52 PM Jan 21st 2014
Is something up with the folders? For some reason, there's no way to open or close them now with the main button, they're always open. I'd edit them back to normal, but I have no idea how. It's a little tedious to slough through the other teams just to get to places like the Saunders or Pravda section, when all it took was a click open the proper folder and keep the others closed.
12:01:44 AM Jan 22nd 2014
There is one giant folder that is too large. It needs to be split.
07:52:17 AM Jan 22nd 2014
Also, the page is over 400K characters in total...splitting it into separate pages for the various academies and the other characters will need to be done as well as the folder split Septimus mentioned.
08:08:25 AM Jan 24th 2014
edited by
I suggest making separate pages for the following:

- Oarai Academy characters;
- Characters from Other Schools (appropriate with the upcoming release of the Anzio Battle OVA, which will not only add at least 2 more characters, but will also expand on the existing ones); and
- Other supporting characters (including the ones from Little Army).
If no comment is made on this within 48 hours, then permission to have this format applied...

08:24:46 AM Jan 24th 2014
"If no comment is made on this within 48 hours, then permission to have this format applied... "

You want to do it yourself? I give my blessing.
06:06:21 AM Jan 25th 2014
Mission... Complete...
05:43:14 PM Jan 28th 2014
P.S. Gonna need help with the indexing of the subpages though...
12:13:21 AM Jan 29th 2014
Fixed it. For reference, when you turn something into an index, you need to change the page type.
01:17:57 PM Sep 22nd 2013
edited by
I removed this wick:


  • English Rose: An anime stylized version, particularly on her red field uniform.

According to a recent TRS conversation, English Rose must be English and have both the looks and the personality type. This write-up is almost Zero-Context Example. I can't quite tell if she's English and it says zero about her personality or relationships with her family or friends.

It might be invoked or other form of playing with a trope, but the context must be clear. Otherwise it leads to misuse.

Link to the TRS discussion about English Rose.
10:59:47 AM Jul 1st 2013
I think due to the Loads and Loads of Characters, we should sub-divide the Oorai school. The other folders for the different schools are fine, but due to each Oorai tank being the main focus of the show, as well as their crews having much more screen time compared to the other schools, maybe we should put each team in their own folder?
09:19:07 PM Mar 23rd 2013
Okay, we have a slight problem. Someone apparently deleted the ENTIRETY of Team Duck/the Volleyball team's entry on the character page. Anyone who still has a backup of it, mind restoring the details.
02:10:09 AM Mar 24th 2013
edited by Telcontar
The entry is preserved in the page history, but I don't know where it goes on the page. I'll paste it below (with formatting disabled so that you can copy-paste it); please add it back wherever it fits.

! Team Duck / The Volleyball team

Members of the (disbanded) Volleyball team, they hope success will restore the team. Drives the [[TheAllegedCar almost-useless]] Japanese [[ Type 89 I-Go.]][[hottip:*:[[TheAllegedCar The Alleged Tank]]

* ThemeNaming: all named after members of the Gold-medal-winning 1964 Japanese Olympic Volleyball team

!! The [[TheAllegedCar Type 89 I-Go]]
* ArtisticLicense: See below in the FragileSpeedster entry.
* CompanionCube: The reason it's given an entry in the ''characters'' page.
04:52:59 AM Mar 12th 2013
Gunner-chan and Driver-chan?

To whoever added this: Are you sure these were their fan-names? Because they were actually the gunner and the loader, and it was the loader who had trouble reaching for the shells under Alice's radio intercepting equipment.
05:23:03 AM Mar 13th 2013
You are likely correct. I seemed to remember that they were just three crewmembers with the gunner doubling as the loader - I'll check it tonight.

EDIT: You WERE correct. Poor driver doesn't even get more than 4 frames of animation, but she can be seen separately from the others.
08:58:40 AM Dec 13th 2012
anyone want to insert some character pictures?
11:05:44 PM Dec 28th 2012
yes, yes some one did.

and dear god: they were made of WIN!!
12:40:45 PM Nov 10th 2012
Deleted Shrinking Violet in Yukari's entry. Key parts of a Shrinking Violet are being "painfully shy and quiet"; just watch her infiltration of Saunders. She's pretty outspoken in the team, too, and her shyness around Miho can be attributed to being an awed fangirl. Her whole Friendless Background comes from being a complete tank nerd and lacking a common ground with another girls up to now.
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