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03:18:56 PM Jul 16th 2016
edited by DawnVelocity
Is it too early to judge Sasha with a near-death trope?
12:52:13 PM Jan 30th 2016
I've been turning this over in my head for a while, and I'm wondering if it qualifies for Ship Tease.

We know Reiner's a Shipper on Deck for Bertholdt and Annie, and in Chapter 77 he says that "anyone would mistake some stupid bastard rushing in to save them from a life-or-death situation for a handsome prince, even Annie." This is exactly what happens, literally, at the end of that chapter, but it's Reiner who's being rescued, not Annie.
04:44:18 PM May 8th 2015
So...the page needs to be split. Any suggestions? The best I can think of right now is just to split it right down the middle (Eren to Ymir's folders on one page, the rest on the other)
05:42:42 PM May 8th 2015
Maybe the main trio can have their own page. It probably won't be enough of a split though. Or you could split ranked 1-6 on one page, then everyone else on the second.
11:17:25 AM Jun 10th 2015
^That would separate Eren, Mikasa, and Armin though.
09:22:14 AM Jun 14th 2015
I think just splitting Eren, Mikasa and Armin into their own subpage would be enough actually. This page is huge, but I've seen much bigger pages on the wiki and the three of them make up about a third of its length, so it becomes much more manageable with them gone. Plus they're guys like Tom and Samuel who have entries but really have no reason to be included given they're both the reddest of the redshirts and Tom doesn't even have any lines beyond quivering in fear. I also think only characters like Reiner and Bertolt should have post-Utgard spoilers for their entries and the other characters can do just fine with normal entries with spoiler-tags.
07:07:34 PM Jan 24th 2015
Does anyone else get the impression that Connie Springer might be a homage to Krillan from DBZ? Being simultaneous bald and smaller then anyone else. I think there are some personality similarities too.
08:51:29 PM Jan 24th 2015
I don't.
02:05:59 AM Jan 25th 2015
That is a really slight similarity.
03:02:05 PM Oct 26th 2014
Ymir's and Historia's relationship is stated in the article to be romantic in nature, but it's in fact not. They are not a couple. The problem is that most editors are considering George Wada's words way too literally, but he just mentioned how they were created to be a couple (never mentioned anything romantic). However, since Isayama's say in the matter has a higher priority, the article should be edited to reflect what he has confirmed so far.

In the latest au Smart Pass character interview, they are confirmed to have feelings for each other, but none of them are aware of that.
08:37:21 AM Feb 7th 2014
In light of Spoiler Policy and moderator rulings, it looks like we need to make a decision concerning The Reveal. I have an idea on how to balance things, so people don't have to completely avoid the character folders if they aren't up to date with things.

I've seen other series divide the entries up, with one section of tropes that apply to the character prior to a certain point. And then below them, tropes that apply post-point. Usually, they do it with Time skips. I think it would neatly compromise between unspoilered trope names and still not smacking people in the face with The Reveal from the last arc.
09:13:49 AM Oct 14th 2013
I've read enough translations to confuse me enough to ask this: What exactly is Krista's position within the Reiss family? She was born out of wedlock, which makes her illegitimate, therefore not placing her in the line of succession - but she was driven out due to being an heir?

Or is it just like in A Song of Ice and Fire, where Catelyn wants Jon out of the Stark household because she thinks he could claim the estate over his legitimate siblings?
11:59:58 AM Oct 16th 2013
I can't check the source at the moment, but I'm pretty sure she drove herself out, thinking that she was an embarrassment to the family and that they wanted her to disappear. I think it was revealed during Ymir's The Reason You Suck speech to her.
10:54:18 AM Oct 10th 2013
Moved to discussion:

  • The Power of Love: [Eren's] love for Mikasa enables him to unlock his coordinator powers.
11:53:00 AM Oct 10th 2013
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Disagree. No evidence of causation.

My theory, if anyone cares (spoilers for anyone not through Chapter 50 of the manga), is that Eren's Coordinator powers (I'm guessing this is a more appropriate translation) awoke when he became a shifter (not before, because the aberrant that ate Thomas would have been ripped apart in Trost). The other shifters were able to sense his powers awakening in Trost on some level, but weren't sure if their instincts were correct because he hadn't actually used them yet - since he had no control over himself in Titan form, they didn't manifest during Trost. It doesn't make sense that the moles would be so intent on securing Eren just because he's a Titan shifter like they are, so they needed some reason to think he was the Coordinator back then.

Since Trost, Eren never displays such firmness of will around normal Titans until Chapter 50. His major displays of fortitude were against the Female Titan in the Forest of Giant Trees (while most of the Titans were outside the forest - could Eren have been thinking "STAY BACK" while the Female Titan was chasing him, and this is really why the Titans didn't enter the forest?), against the Female Titan in Stohess (well away from normal Titans), and against the Colossal and Armored Titans leading into this arc (and again, no normal Titans were involved). Castle Utgard focused mainly on the other members of the 104th, with Eren showing up later and acting very casually (scoring his first Titan kill as a human and being excited about it), so he had no focus to control Titans there.

tl;dr version: Eren had the powers since Trost, but circumstances didn't allow him to use them.
04:30:12 PM Sep 2nd 2013
Is Eren really Ax-Crazy though? It's hard to say considering the environment he lives in. He's not someone who wants to hurt oether people so....?
07:40:10 PM Sep 2nd 2013
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Part 1 Part 2


But seriously, it is a good question. The Ax-Crazy entry is rather complicated to follow, but I think Eren may fit the bill. Crapsack World aside, he is the only character who can be expected to turn violent at the drop of a hat - even though most of his rage stems from the Titans, he takes it out on many human characters as well, such as Hannes in Episode 1, or the random Garrison soldier making rude comments in Episode 2. He even starts to lose it on Armin in the second episode for giving him a loaf of bread, forcing Mikasa of all people to slap some sense into him. And while most readers will back up his actions in Mikasa's backstory (I certainly won't argue against them), it should be noted that there was a certain coldness in the way he carried out those actions.

That rage, which Eren frequently expresses through violence, qualifies him for the trope, in my opinion.
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