What's your vocal range?:

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I can just barely hit the same high F that Brian Wilson sings on the fadeout of "Fun Fun Fun", and the lowest I can hit with any sort of volume is the F below Middle C.

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2 ImipolexG29th Oct 2010 07:31:25 PM from all our yesterdays
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about 2 and a half octaves, plus an octave of falsetto

To clarify, I can just barely hit the high B in the Journey song Lights - "oo I wanna be theh-eh-eh-re"

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4 Madrugada29th Oct 2010 11:33:09 PM , Relationship Status: In season
The range I can stay in the best is baritone. And yes, you're remembering correctly, I'm female.
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5 Solstace30th Oct 2010 02:42:47 AM from the Second Viennese School
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I can go from the A below middle C to the 2nd F above middle C. And only barely.
6 yukijin30th Oct 2010 05:21:34 AM from behind the scenes
E1 through to about E3. I think I lost some notes if anyone's seen them about.
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7 TheGloomer30th Oct 2010 07:12:56 AM from Northern Ireland
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Unfortunately I have really nasal voice, so I can't really sing at all. I think my range is probably just an octave, and that's depending on where I've been kicked.

Honestly don't know, really. I've never tried singing any scales.
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I have a crazy range, but my voice isn't good, so I can't actually sing. I can do crazy shit with my voice, like accents, barney voices, and other retarded voices and sounds that shouldn't be able to be done after puberty.

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9 MadassAlex30th Oct 2010 09:59:09 AM from the Middle Ages.
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But seriously. I think I have something around two octaves, my lowest point being the low E on a standard-tuned guitar. Whatever that counts as.
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I can go from bass to a falsetto. Both extremes tend to sound rather ridiculous from me, though.

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11 Saeglopur30th Oct 2010 11:00:57 AM from Various places in the UK
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Standard choral Tenor range - just under two octaves, from the C an octave below middle C to the A above middle C (C3 to A4). Plus (comfortable) falsetto an extra 5th, up to the E5.

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12 Bananaquit30th Oct 2010 01:11:50 PM from The Darién Gap , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
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Baritone, kinda. But I was able to get through “Caroline, No” the last time I tried, including the high notes, so maybe I ought to try to develop the higher end of my range.
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About F2 going two octaves up. I can get some decent oomph in the lower range but sound like shit trying to go too high.
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14 TibetanFox31st Oct 2010 02:58:17 PM from Death Continent
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I'm pretty much a typical Bass Baritone. My falsetto sucks, though.
Well, I'm sort of a baritone, I guess. I can go pretty low (a la Chef of South Park), and pretty high as well. I'm developing my falsetto for Metal screaming
Kind of a Baritone, normally. I'm not sure of the exact range though.
C2-G4, pretty much. I should have a decently usable G soon, anyway. Warmups I can get up to an A.
18 drunkscriblerian1st Nov 2010 12:19:53 AM from Castle Geekhaven , Relationship Status: In season
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Somewhere between Willie Nelson and that obnoxious guy who just refuses to get off the karaoke machine. Usually, closer to the latter. I love singing but I suck mightily at it.
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19 Pinata1st Nov 2010 11:47:49 PM from on your ceiling
I love singing, and am good on certain songs, but I have no idea about any of the technical terminology relating to it.

I can do Johnny Cash, and I can do Robert Plant. Most things in between I can make at least a passable attempt at, and I can turn pretty much anything by Smashing Pumpkins, The Killers, System of a Down or Billy Idol into Crowning Music of Awesome. So I consider myself to have a good vocal range, but am clueless about what notes I'm hitting exactly.
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Alto, but I can cover most Aya Hirano and Nana Mizuki songs.
21 YonTroper2nd Nov 2010 03:28:31 AM from [DATA EXPUNGED]
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High baritone, pretty much, but I tend to stick to my lower range because my upper range is rubbish.
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22 FurikoMaru6th Nov 2010 04:52:22 PM from The Arrogant Wasteland , Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
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Contralto. Basically just sang with the guys in vocal music. I can get out my guitar to check the precise limits if you're interested, but I think it's something like two octaves between about D# below middle C and... y'know that note in Der Hölle Rache when you say the word 'kocht'? Right about there.

Soprano, but sometimes accidently slip into mezzo-soprano. I could probably go into whistle register with proper coaching.
24 MrW27th Nov 2010 02:04:45 PM from some place
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25 Fuzy2K27th Nov 2010 04:55:24 PM from Toad Highlands , Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
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Low pitched crap to high pitched dreck.
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