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Hi, I'm Fuzy2K. The reason that I have the username "Fuzy2K" came about when I was thinking (for about 10 minutes... no joke) about what name I should use for a file in A Link To The Past. I finally came up with said name completely at random, and I decided that I liked it enough to use. (if I remember correctly, I was thinking of the Fuzzies from Paper Mario...) 英文错字

Although it may seem otherwise, the only language I actually know is English. I know bits and pieces of French, Spanish, German, and even tinier bits of a couple others, but my native (and only) language is English. However I am fascinated with language, and I would like to learn another at some point before I leave this spherical oddity of miscellaneous curiosities.

I like to listen to music. A lot. Some of my favorite artists include (in no particular order):

— They Might Be Giants
— Atom and His Package
— The Beatles
— Men At Work (R.I.P Greg Ham)
— Talking Heads
— Electric Light Orchestra
— R.E.M.
— Queen (R.I.P Freddy Mercury)
— Roxette
— Gyllene Tider
— Per Gessle
— IQ
— Eddy Grant
— Marillion
— Accept
— 10cc
— a-ha
— Cat Stevens



Some random facts about me:

  • I have been interested in computers and other technology since basically when I was a little kid...

  • My first videogame console (not handheld) that actually worked was my SNES, which I still have. it still works perfectly, even today!

  • Before the SNES, I had an Atari 7800 ProSystem... Minus the power adaptor. (shrug)

  • I am somewhat lazy, and I dislike politics. :P

  • I have a leaking battery on the shelf in my closet. (told you these were random...)

  • My first system I got brand new was the Nintendo 64. Like my SNES, it also still works. :)

  • My favorite video game is Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. I played it so much that most of its charm has worn off on me, and I still haven't completed the extra levels, let alone 100% on all levels. LOL... :D

  • I know (quite roughly) how to say "Four o'clock news at five" in Swedish. Klockan fyra nyheter på fem

—More coming soon, as I think of them :P

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This may be the most boring Troper Page in existence. Maybe not anymore :3

Check out my YouTube and Flickr pages, if you wish. Beware of the dogs. They bite.

Au revoir, Mis Amigos!