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Tropers: Tibetan Fox
Hi, I'm Tibetan Fox!

I pretty much have three posting modes on the forum: Serious, Silly and Tibbles. (In ascending order of annoyance)

You do not want to meet Tibbles. Consider him the Mr Hyde to my Dr Jekyll. His userpage contains handy guidelines on how to avoid annoying either of us. Reading it is a very good idea.

Qualities Typical Of Silly Mode

Qualities Typical Of Serious Mode
  • Post length long enough where paragraphs are required.
  • Discussion of economics, game theory and other topics which would bore a typical teenager.
  • Only a little swearing.
  • Attempts to actually address the arguments being put forth by other parties.

Qualities Typical Of Both:
  • A snarky, derisive and patronising tone.

Qualities Typical of Tibbles:

With these handy, dandy guidelines, it should be pretty easy for you to determine what I'm trying to accomplish.

Or, you know, you can just just assume I'm acting in bad faith and I'll eventually troll you for lulz due to being tired of your insufferable lameness. That's pretty popular, both in terms of people doing it and people enjoying watching me do it.

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