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This thread is for requesting edits or unlocks to Locked Pages or for requesting locks. It can also be used for technical requests to moderators such as creating new pages in the Main/ and other restricted namespaces without going through YKTTW.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Check Locked Pages and Permanent Red Link Club first. They can provide guidance on what are good and bad requests.
  2. Include working links in your request to the page(s) in question.
  3. Pages cut a while ago were automatically locked. Before asking for an unlock, make sure that the article you want to create is in the proper Namespace, has gone through YKTTW if it's a trope, and otherwise fulfills our guidelines for Creating New Pages.
  4. If asking for edits, state your changes exactly as they should appear on the page, including proper Example Indentation, namespacing, and pothole and quote formatting. And make sure that what you want to add is actually a valid example.
  5. We do not edit archived articles, even to correct links.
  6. Main redirects are no longer being created for namespaced work pages. Don't ask for one.
  7. Some locked pages have ongoing cleanup threads, like Complete Monster (Thread), Five-Man Band (Thread) and any locked Trope Pantheon page (Thread). Other than purely technical requests, edits to these pages ought to be discussed in these threads first.
  8. Work pages made in the wrong namespace, pages banned under The Content Policy and the 5P Circuit and subpages that are disallowed (like Headscratchers pages for tropes) are valid reasons for requesting page locks.

NOTE: Edited with OP's permission.

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3051 lu12729th Jun 2012 11:24:34 PM from 空蝉丸
# 3045 The person in charge of TV Tropes The TV Show has told me the pages are treated as archives, so I don't edit them.

Movie, are you sure about XCOM? It only gives me 7 inbounds.

edited 29th Jun '12 11:24:55 PM by lu127

Oops, you're right! Never mind on that, then.
It's a quirk with the change to the inbound calculator.

The one you get on Related To... goes back to Jan 1 of this year. The one for the cutlist goes somewhat further back.

Which is why I have a question: If we are going strictly by the new inbounds, that would mean that we could just cut every ptitle now (Save the one to BRIAN BLESSED) since ptitles were fully phased out by then and redirects don't accrue inbounds.

Is that what we're doing?

edited 29th Jun '12 11:29:29 PM by DarkConfidant

I think that was done intentionally, though. I still remember when inbound counts went back to the year 2009.

I'd rather we be rid of ptitles, entirely - but I'm playing by the rules, and leaving the ones that currently have over ten inbounds (of which there are still a few, besides the BRIAN BLESSED one).

edited 29th Jun '12 11:32:13 PM by movie007

3055 lu12729th Jun 2012 11:31:54 PM from 空蝉丸
Looks like the cutlist shows them. [up][up][up] Restored.

Though, I'll be honest, if a ptitle has brought no people in this year, it's a good indication people no longer use it.

edited 29th Jun '12 11:32:09 PM by lu127

[up][up]That's because "I can remember when" was five days ago.

[up] That's not entirely correct... Even if I make an inbound link on a different site to a ptitle, the final page, not the redirect, gets the inbound incremented. At least, that's what I've gathered.

So, even if the ptitles are still being used due to older links, they will never gain inbounds again.

[down] I remember differently, but that's hardly relevant to this conversation.

edited 29th Jun '12 11:34:47 PM by DarkConfidant

No, it didn't go all the way back to 2009. It only went back to January 1 of 2011, but I do remember a prior time when it did go back to 2009.

As you can probably guess, I hate the whole ptitle system with a passion! I am looking forward to the day when we can finally be rid of all evidence that the darn system ever existed.

edited 29th Jun '12 11:35:33 PM by movie007

Also, my point of bringing that up is that I believe they update the inbound thing periodically.

edited 29th Jun '12 11:40:05 PM by movie007

3059 lu12729th Jun 2012 11:41:31 PM from 空蝉丸
[up][up][up] A cut page shows its inbounds after it stays cut for a while. When The Beautiful People was a redirect it showed no inbounds, but after it was cut we realised it had over 300.

[up] I came in after we started using it. Managed not to suffer! tongue

edited 29th Jun '12 11:41:51 PM by lu127

I don't have a problem with watching the cut ptitles to see if any do, in fact, accrue inbounds - and, if that's the case, then they can be restored. I figure that most people who frequent this site, though, would no longer link to the ptitles.

It looks as if Dark Confidant and I have a slight conflict of interests here.

edited 29th Jun '12 11:47:24 PM by movie007

My interest is in maintaining and preserving inbounds, so it's only natural that we'd have this sort of disagreement. :(
And I guess I just want all traces of the whole ptitle system to be excised entirely. But I'm playing by the rules, and leaving the ones that have more than ten inbounds. In fact, I even just asked for one to be restored - as much as it pained me to do so.
Some edits on Works Pages Are a Free Launch:

So many, that I decided to just make a sandbox to merge in. Notably, there were some grammatical errors, and it needed to be updated to point out that yes, YKTTW's are now mandatory for new tropes. The number of corrections necessary made it easier just to request the sandbox replace the current version.

3064 Willbyr30th Jun 2012 02:16:44 PM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
[up] I like that...made a couple of minor tweaks. Also, in the second option, did you mean to say "official" instead of "officious"?
I just left that as that was how it was in the original page. "formal" was the better word anyway. Made a couple more tweaks as well.
Also, Yiff has a hottip to clean up.
3067 lu12730th Jun 2012 03:24:44 PM from 空蝉丸
...That was a really silly hottip. I just removed it.
HighOctaneNightmareFuel.Metroid needs to be redirected again to NightmareFuel.Metroid.

Same with HighOctaneNightmareFuel.Mortal Kombat to NightmareFuel.Mortal Kombat

This could get repetitive. :( Would someone kindly make a note not to cut these redirects?

edited 30th Jun '12 5:06:03 PM by DarkConfidant

Okay, we need to find some way to come to an agreement on this. I really would like to, eventually, remove all ptitle pages and pages from obsolete namespaces. I don't want them to have to stay on here permanently. At least, we should plan for some time when they can be removed, for once and for all.

Like, I don't want it to be 2015, and they still not be allowed to be removed.

edited 30th Jun '12 5:41:42 PM by movie007

3070 Willbyr30th Jun 2012 05:42:22 PM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
[up][up] Done, done, and done.

edited 30th Jun '12 5:42:41 PM by Willbyr

If we can't come to some sort of agreement, then I'm leaving this Wiki! I tired of having all this work that I've done be in vain.
Chill, movie. I'm doing something in the background to remove the ptitles. They were clogging up the cutlist.
Goal: Clear, Concise and Witty

Okay, got it! Sorry for reacting the way I did! cool

edited 30th Jun '12 5:53:42 PM by movie007

No prob. Thanks for all the hard work. We are now down to 24 remaining ptitles. All the redirects with minimal inbounds are gone.
Goal: Clear, Concise and Witty

My apologies for being so forceful, Movie. I merely show up here to point stuff out, since sometimes the cutmasters do make mistakes.

Apologies to you as well, Fast One, if I'm doing something wrong here.

edited 30th Jun '12 5:57:09 PM by DarkConfidant

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