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Sci-fi by numbers:

See ALL the stars!
If I described something as "sci-fi by numbers", what would you think of? Alternatively, how many sci-fi cliches and Dead Horse Tropes can you think of?

(It's for research.)
Da Rules excuse all the inaccuracy in the world. Listen to them, not me.
 2 Tzetze, Thu, 21st Oct '10 2:26:22 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Spoilered to prevent contamination with later answers

A short story by I think Dickens that involved a machine that could write stories according to a number of parameters. Very tropey.
No idea. Paint by numbers?
If I'm asking for advice on a story idea, don't tell me it can't be done.
United Humanity, why does every series have all of Humanity living in a single polity?

Puny Earthling is annoying, why would a creature with super-strength ever evolve a complex brain? Do you know how much energy a thing like that uses?
"If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you." —Don Marquis
I need a drink
machine based lifeforms who wish to exterminate humanity/life.

Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
 6 OOZE, Thu, 21st Oct '10 4:30:57 PM from Transsexual,Transylvania
Don't feed the plants!
@Tzete:That's actually by Roald Dahl.
I'm feeling strangely happy now, contented and serene. Oh don't you see, finally I'll be, somewhere that's green...
 7 Tzetze, Thu, 21st Oct '10 4:32:53 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Ah, that sounds right, thanks.
Space hobo
Aliens always being portrayed as unsympathizing dickheads wanting to destroy us all for no reason and the brave american SPEHS MEREENS ariving to save the day.

 9 Furiko Maru, Thu, 21st Oct '10 7:42:39 PM from The Arrogant Wasteland Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
Reverse the Curse
Plug social issue A into Mohs Scale of Sci-Fi Hardness. Blend with tech ideas (a)-(c), Protagonist and kinks i-xii. Garnish lightly with social issues A1 through A4.

^^Or conversely the super amazing, pacifistic, super smart and absolutely flawless aliens punish man, who not too subtlety represents America, for his hubris, violent ways, intolerant ways, anti-environment ways, etc..
"If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you." —Don Marquis
 11 Major Tom, Thu, 21st Oct '10 8:33:36 PM Relationship Status: Barbecuing
Eye'm the cutest!
Failing to consider the third dimension in space combat. Could be classified as an Undead Horse Trope for Sci-Fi.
"Allah may guide their bullets, but Jesus helps those who aim down the sights."
Space hobo
Oh oh! Don't forget the robot that goes like "DESTROY , DESTROY, DESTROY" Or the ever classic Apocalyptic Wasteland populated by 90% punks and 10% mutated giant hamsters.

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