Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:

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126 Ronka8712th Aug 2010 08:35:28 PM from the mouth of madness.
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"Cool DJ" by the Ting Tings?
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no. i could've sworn i saw it in a scott pilgrim trailer but now i can't find it
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128 Cleverdan12th Aug 2010 11:54:21 PM from Your backyard
Well, the movie is officially out, as of two hours and fifty-four minutes ago. It was fantastic. It deviated and squished some stuff down, but it was such an amazing film, I didn't care. This is my perfect movie.
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Just went and saw it with some friends. I went in knowing only the name of the movie, and the genre 'comedy'.

After the first ten minutes, I seriously considered walking out. It was horrible. Out of place sound effects, an embarrassingly bad romcom plot of "guy dates younger girl despite everyone disapproving" and Eagle Vs Shark level geekiness.

Then the first Evil Ex appeared.

Needless to say, I loved it from there on out. Admittedly the Exs' characters were rather shallow, but I saw that as being part-and-parcel of the action movie experience. They were amazingly hammy and had awesome traits, which made up for any 2D character.

The ending felt rather poorly, as he was still left with two love interests, and could only choose one, but it wasn't groan-inducingly bad.

Overall, on my rating of 1-5, I'd give it a four. "I'd happily go to see it a second time if someone else were paying."
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Some sites are telling me that Scott Pilgrim comes out here in Ireland today, some are saying next week, some are saying the 25th. Its not on any cinema listings, so I'm gonna guess the 25th, like the UK. THATS TOO LONG A WAIT ARRGGHH
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This is officially the movie in which Michael Cera became a better actor.

Seriously, the guy was so ANIMATED throughout the whole thing. He truly pulled it off.

My main beef with the adaptation is Ramona's characterization got shafted, big time. By the end of the movie I found myself wondering why Scott even bothered to fight for her - she didn't have many of the moments from the comics that showed how compatible the two were.

Also...Wallace got a major promiscuity upgrade.

Still, it was great as an action movie and as a comedy movie.
132 Watchtower13th Aug 2010 08:19:46 AM from Beyond Thunderdome , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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Most critics misjudged Wright’s 2006 Hot Fuzz as simply a cop movie parody; they completely ignored the sting in Wright’s spoofing how the English class system is repeated in its law enforcement bureaucracy and his bemused critique of its threatening arcane social traditions.

This is a line from Armond White's review of Scott Pligrim. Seriously. What. The. FUCK.

My god, White somehow manages to Completely Miss The Point even when writing a positive review. Besides using the review to bash Quentin Tarentino, he praises Scott Pilgrim for being a "mature love story" that "satirizes the mindlessness of pop culture", even saying, and I quote, that the movie is "too intense for casual filmgoers who can't catch its amped-up pace and onrushing sarcasm". What.

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133 YoungPrometheus13th Aug 2010 08:15:54 PM from Across Space-Time!
I use to be Marvellad.

Just got back from seeing it, like, RIGHT NOW.

My Review:
  • Exhale*


  • Collapses*

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134 Schitzo13th Aug 2010 08:22:33 PM from Akumajou Dracula , Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
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135 PadurKaril13th Aug 2010 10:57:39 PM from San José, CA , Relationship Status: Cigarettes and Valentines
So Amazing. Didn't follow the comic to well, but I'd say it was a dang good Adaptation Distillation. I only wish it wasn't quite so rushed.
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136 Schitzo14th Aug 2010 07:57:45 AM from Akumajou Dracula , Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
I'm going to take the fanboy route and say that I had a few problems with the film. I am so, so sorry.

Mostly, nixing a lot of Character Development so that even Ramona, with her mysterious past and past boyfriends, looks like a Shallow Love Interest. She "dabbles in being a bitch" quite a lot more than she does in the comic, To the point where you start wondering just what the hell Scott sees in Ramona.

And they really shouldn't have done away with Lynette Guyscott and her involvement with Todd and her punching Knive's highlights out. Though i guess it would have gotten in the way?

That being said, I love how some of the extras in Chaos Theater lampshade the fact that "of course the comic is better than the movie" XD.

All in all, it truly was a great film. If I could make a comparison, more or less like the Berserk tv series to the manga. A thing of beauty in it's own right. It's not not awesome, just less awesome than it's source material.

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I just came back from it. I think it was a great movie, and great adaptation.
138 WildKnight14th Aug 2010 05:26:08 PM from the wasteland.
Haven't read the books, but certainly plan to now. Just came back from the movie.

I agree with the sentiment that this is the best video game movie ever.

I had so many Big Yeses that I'm sure I pissed off a few other people in the theater, but then, most everyone else was applauding and cheering whenever an ex was defeated and exploded into coins. It honestly felt like watching someone play a video game. A video game in which Michael Cera Took a Level in Badass and containing some of the most awesome fight scenes I've seen.

It was absolutely a blast. I'll probably end up with the books and the game by the end of next week.
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139 Schitzo14th Aug 2010 06:21:35 PM from Akumajou Dracula , Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
Michael Cera actually acting this time was worth the price of admission alone. Great job, Cera. Great job, Edgar Wright.
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Okay, that was just about the best thing ever. I haven't read the comics (though I got the first two volumes today), but that was just plain awesome.

Incidentally, for some reason I feel like pointing out that bus fare in Toronto isn't $2.75 anymore: it's $3.00 now. Yes, that is just about the most unimportant detail in the movie, but for some reason I care. Still, seeing a movie actually set into Toronto rather than filmed in Toronto but set in New York or whatever was pretty awesome.
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I dunno. I think the problem with the movie vs the series of graphic novels was that there was way too much stuff in the books to condense in just a 112 minute film. The parts I was most disappointed at were the exclusion of Lisa, the little to no explanation of Kim's real relationship with Scott, the deletion of Scott and Envy's closure, and the exclusion of those [fucking awesome killer Japanese robots.

Also, for some reason, every time Kim said BAH-Bomb, I just felt like bursting up.

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I watched it yesterday and quite enjoyed it.

I never read the comics, so I dunno how the movie measures up.
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Wow, talk about a 30-Sue Pileup for teenagers and college students, though I'm though some may claim they are intentionally that way - note: they truly aren't. An excerpt from Eclipse Magazine's review says it best:

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(srahc 84) eltit
It's funny because it's complete bullshit.
I guess it is.
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The "God Moves In Mysterious Ways" argument?

Erik Childress

Ramona is a Purity Sue / God-Mode Sue, and not even interesting one at that.

The film utterly bombed at the box office, by the way. $10M. Yikes. The XBLA/PSN game will outgross it, probably.

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146 WildKnight15th Aug 2010 03:18:16 PM from the wasteland.
Won't the movie distributors make money off of the game as well? Universal's got their logo plastered all over it...And this is the kind of movie I can see being a hit at college parties and stuff, so the DVD/Blu-ray release will probably recoup any loss and it'll become a cult classic.

I'd also like to point out:
And oh yeah, for some unknown reason you know how to kick butt and take numbers – Street Fighter style.
Emphasis mine. If you say to yourself "for some unknown reason" while watching this movie, you're thinking about it too hard. The reason is so Scott Pilgrim can kick ass, there doesn't have to be more reason than that. It's video game logic. Which may not appease the general public, but there are enough devoted geeks to appreciate it.
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Jonah Falcon
Here's the best assessment yet of Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World:

It’s Twilight for boys.

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148 alliterator15th Aug 2010 03:34:16 PM from Southern California
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Except for the better writing, the better characterization, the better acting, the fact that Scott Pilgrim actually admits that he's a jerk and learns from past mistakes, and the fact that there are no vampires.

Besides that, it's totally like Twilight for guys. Except not.
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149 WildKnight15th Aug 2010 03:55:18 PM from the wasteland.
I love how every time someone reasonably dissects your "arguments," such as they are, you go on a completely different tangent about some completely unrelated shit that doesn't even make sense.
The blind man walking off the cliff is not making a leap of faith.
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^^^God damn, that's the stupidest reviewer I have ever seen. An actual "Twilight for Boys" would have to be incredibly god awful and retarded. From what I have seen, Scott Pilgrim is in no way as bad as the suckage of the Twilight shit.
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