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Misused: Bilingual Bonus
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Misused: Bilingual Bonus get usage counts

Here's the start of a suggested rewrite of the description:

One way to hide an Easter Egg in plain sight is to cloak it in a foreign language. That way, bilingual and international audiences get extra information or a special treat from their knowledge.

The extra can be anything from a plot-relevant point to additional dialogue (often used to demonstrate that they've Shown Their Work with the language) to a random gag.

[Compare/contrast section?]

A Bilingual Bonus using names falls under Meaningful Name. Creators and actors who know a foreign language... is Not a Trope.

 77 notahandle, Thu, 17th Apr '14 2:21:27 PM from Chicago Illinois
Well, I'm going to a complete clean up/rewrite of the description from the crowner.
 78 Madrugada, Thu, 17th Apr '14 3:22:44 PM Relationship Status: In season
<Disregard what was here. I cleaned up Easter Egg to solve the problem.>

edited 17th Apr '14 3:29:14 PM by Madrugada

'He strutted across the bedroom, his hard manhood pointing the way' sounds like he owns a badly named seeing-eye dog. 'Sit, Hard Manhood!
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Page Action: Bilingual Bonustake 2
25th Oct '13 5:39:58 PM
What would be the best way to fix the page?
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Total posts: 78
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