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1 TheMuse20th Apr 2013 06:11:41 PM , Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
I think music is a great way to get in the right state of mind to write scenes or characters with particular emotions. It's almost a personal Virtual Soundtrack of sorts.
  • Has anyone ever assigned a song to a character or scene that you thought described them quite nicely?

2 EditorPallMall20th Apr 2013 06:13:21 PM from United States, East Coast
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Music tends not to inspire me but distract me from my work.
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3 TheMuse20th Apr 2013 06:25:16 PM , Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
To each their own. I've never tried writing while listening to any kind of music, but I could see how it might not work for some people.
I don't know enough music for that, lol. I guess I need to get familiar with more indie/alternative music, because that would be way more helpful than rihanna when I'm writing about a murder investigation.
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5 DeMarquis20th Apr 2013 06:52:26 PM from Hell, USA , Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
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I have an action scene in which my heroes stop a terror cell from setting off a nuclear bomb in New York. I cant read what I wrote without hearing U2's "Until the End of the World".
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6 Demetrios20th Apr 2013 08:36:51 PM from Mount Prospect, Illinois , Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
I like to play whichever music is appropriate for the scene I'm writing.
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7 chihuahua020th Apr 2013 08:48:33 PM from Standoff, USA , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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I like to play any kind of music. I once wrote a serious scene to "Gangnam Style", and I'm writing a mundane scene to dramatic Bruno Mars music.

8 Gaon20th Apr 2013 08:48:40 PM from Grim Up North , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
I like seeking themes for my characters. It also serves as Mnemonic because I constantly skip from story to story, and their themes help me refresh their personalities in my mind.

I also like to write with things on the background.
Okay, I'm thinking Evanescence for drama and Florence for epic-o-city.
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10 JHM20th Apr 2013 09:36:03 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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I have been inspired by a great deal of music, but I prefer to actually work in silence because it is hard for me to focus on creative activities when I am being mentally engaged by something else.
11 MorwenEdhelwen22nd Apr 2013 10:30:06 PM from Sydney, Australia
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One of my projects is based on The Downeaster Alexa by Billy Joel.
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